While you’re checking Facebook, going online shopping or checking your email, you could already be putting yourself at risk.


There are other online threats aside from viruses, worms and Trojans. There are these things called spyware and they are solely invented to infect your computer systems, hack your information and ruin the whole system completely. These malicious codes are discreetly created in the form of downloadable programs with the intent to attract users and download them. Moreover, they are completely capable of keeping notes on the different keystrokes used for login and passwords. This capability enables them to rob users of their online identities making them prone to identity theft. One syndrome to know whether your computer system has been hit with spywares is when your system suddenly begins slowing down. Once this syndrome becomes noticeable, it is very important that you equip your systems with antispyware software which are mainly available in the market today. These kinds of software will safeguard your computer and will shield you from future attacks.

Listed below are some of the most efficient and effective antispyware software available in the market today:

Lavasoft Ad-aware

Lavasoft Ad-aware is a fast tool and is a user-friendly software. It is best known to handle spyware and adware efficiently.


This antispyware program has been recognized with the VB 100% award from the Virus Bulletin. The credit was bestowed after recognizing the abilities and the capabilities of carefully created malware. This antivirus protection however, is not verified by other third party security testing organizations. The spyware protection actually makes use of two scanning engines-one of its own and Viper antivirus scanning engine.

Major Highlights

Enables guard alerts when certain malicious software is downloaded.
Equipped with the Toolbox which is responsible for checking running processes, controlling the program during start (AutoStart Manager) and advanced web navigation controls (Host File Editor).
Users get a break from suspended scans and popup with the Do Not Disturb or Gamer Mode.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware has great hold on most spyware and offers in depth protection but demands more user treatment.


Though ZoneAlarm is not quite effective as other antispyware products, this award winning software exceeds others with their automatic and quick updates. This is a good and decent product which performs excellently and safeguards systems against spyware completely.

Major Highlights

Equipped with a powerful application which is expected by system resources.
Memory use is highly efficient.

PC Tools Spyware Doctor

PC Tools Spyware is a solid one to choose in terms of finding a good antispyware software. This software is efficient and easy to use and is well liked by many because of its various methods in treating and removing malware.


This antispyware is designed to detect all of the different kinds of spyware as well as malware. It is able to detect ActiveX objects, Keyloggers and phishing scams. However, it does not have much capability in running the reports. Reporting options are manual.

Major Highlights

Frequent updates ensure continuous protection of PC against emerging threats.
Activate the game mode of the antispywre software to avoid encountering the unwanted hog system resources.
Provides good help and support through live chat or email.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot is highly configurable software and provides automatic updates as well. This may be a good option for beginner computer users.


It provides immunization of characters used protecting against all kinds of spyware and it does not mess with web browsing using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Major Highlights

This antispyware software provides a restore function if a user accidentally deletes it.
It has an effective resident shield –TeaTimer, which warns users about suspicious behavior.

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