Since 1979, I have been researching and working as an "Orthomolecular Psychologist". I switched from a "Behaviorist" psychologist to this non drug approach to schizophrenia that worked on a "pro bono" patient, and it worked to my surprise. Working in an allergy clinic with a a brilliant scientist for many months part time developing a simple, (but expensive) End Point Titration that worked to not only diagnose various allergies, but to "cure" them as well. I learned that allergy, and allergy stress causes the majority of mental and physical "diseases". I also learned a lot of facts about the role of vitamins and minerals, particular toxic minerals.

In 2000, I was invited to give a "non drug" 4 day seminar in Tblisi (Soviet Georgia). I learned about EEG biofeedback there, and produced a theory to the effect - "Raise the SMR brain wave, and solve allergy stress". That theory is now a pretty well proven fact. In my own case, I had 4 "known" allergies that were serious problems. I had peanut allergy that caused Rheumatoid Arthritis, a Soy allergy that caused Fibromyalgia, wheat allergy that made me weigh 270 pounds, and Ragweed causing hay fever since childhood. All are now gone, and I now weigh 195 pounds - a perfect weight for my 5"11 athletic body.

In 2000, I started a leasing and sales agency that leased out, or sold EEG biofeedback machines to lay persons, thus cutting those costs in more than half for most, but still relatively expensive. In 2004, I started to experiment with subliminal messaging to see if brain waves could be manipulated as they were in Neurofeedback (new name for EEG biofeedback). I found the way to do this, tested it , and it worked. I had created an inexpensive alternative to the very effective, but horribly expensive neurofeedback. I named it Neuroliminal Training. It works on the unconscious mind while sleeping very effectively.

In 2006, I developed the first ADD-Autism CD. It raised the SMR brain wave in amplitude, and lowered the Theta brain wave, the "favored" therapy for ADD/ADHD, that really works to solve this problem for schoolchildren in under 60 days. It also showed significant improvement on autistic children, seeming to solve the ADD portion of autism. In the interim, I have improved that considerably adding subliminal messages that are not possible with Neurofeedback. In addition, I have developed a 4 part therapy for Autism that features 3 additional therapies that used with my Neuroliminal Training go a long way towards "curing" autism, and almost any other mental problem. Now, this same set of 4 therapies can be used to solve virtually any mental and many, if not most, physical "diseases" as well. It seems that NT solves allergies and allergy stress is a major factor in weight loss, and every mental problem.

Here's what this 4 part therapy system does:

1, Solves allergy and other stress with NT CD at $147 total cost. Done at home simply.

2. Uses cheap ascorbic acid to take out all toxic minerals (mercury, lead, copper et al. In addition to this very important "cheap" stress relief, it provides much better overall health. Also done at home simply.

3. Getting sufficient nutrition in this age of food that tastes good but has no real nutrition. ADD to Autism kids are "picky eaters. Done at home.

4. Gets the digestion (gut) system working as it should, providing vitamin K, and B12 as only two things most of the population is short on. Done at home - no expensive "doctor" time needed.

The lengthy article that goes into detail on how to do all of this affordably, is at It's free to all.

At near 85 (April), I am now at least 10 years younger in "actual living age", and use only one prescription, with better overall health than most 65 year olds. I plan to live and set a new record for death age (above 119 for men). Want to join me? Check out that article.

Author's Bio: 

Phil Bate PhD - Orthomolecular Psychologist (30+ years)
Inventor of (at home) inexpensive Neuroliminal Therapy
NT Solves ADD-Autism, Depression, and much more -