We’ve all been there - breaking up with an ex and then realizing that what we did was not right after all. And so here you are, feeling so sorry for all the things you did and is hoping to reconcile with your ex boyfriend. Is this scenario seem familiar to you? Read along as I share to you the four easy steps in winning an ex boyfriend.

Do Not Indulge in Self-Pitying

I truly understand how painful it is to be left by an ex boyfriend whom you truly love that we ended up self-pitying. But if you think real hard, there’s actually no reason why you need to feel sorry for what happened since this thing does not only happen to you. Besides, it’s not like it is already the end of the world, since there are still ways to win an ex back. So relax, take a deep breath and move on.

Try but Do Not Insist

If you think you can now talk to your ex boyfriend about possible reconciliation, then do not hesitate to do such things. But make sure that you know your limits and try not to act like you are so desperate to have him in your life once again. It is definitely okay to express your feelings towards your ex boyfriend by letting him know how much you still love him, but do not cry and beg for him to come back into your life.

Talk Things Out

The next thing to do in winning your ex boyfriend is to do the move in talking to him in the best way possible, while being honest with everything that you feel towards him. Don’t be afraid to talk about your plans of possible reconciliation but make sure that you are prepared to hear whatever he is going to tell you. If your ex no longer wants to have you back in his life, then it’s time to move on and accept the fact that you can no longer be together with each other.

Do Some Improvements in Yourself

Whether you ended up successful in trying to win your ex boyfriend, your next step is to do improvements in yourself. If you feel that there are a lot of things to work on in your life, then it’s time that you do something to improve yourself and become a better person for your ex or to whoever it is that you’ll end up with. Consider the breakup as a learning experience and a way for you to grow up and become a mature person.

If you are seriously thinking of getting your ex boyfriend back after a breakup, make sure that you are also ready to face whatever the consequences of your actions are. There’s nothing bad in doing the first move to win your ex boyfriend, but make sure that you know what your limitations are. Remember that you should not be chasing your ex all your life just because you regret your decision of leaving him. As much as possible, maintain your dignity as a woman and learn to let go when necessary.

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