This part 4 of a 7-part series on the chakras and the glandular system. Energy flows through your physical body. Your body is constantly receiving and sending out energy waves. There are seven centers or chakras in your body to receive and send energy. As you become aware of these energy centers and learn to control the flow of energy through them, you learn to be the master of your situation.

Your identity chakra is located in the solar plexus, and is related to the internal organs. This chakra remains relaxed as long as there is a sense (feeling) of being one with all things. The energy flow slows down and this area when there are feelings of competition or possessiveness.

Is the ability to remain an individual and yet freely identify with other individuals or groups. It is the capacity to sense the needs, desires and feelings of other individuals, but not become involved in their problems.

“Remaining an Individual,” means you have a firm grasp on two little things: Your loyalty and responsibility.

Your personal loyalty to yourself is your leadership of yourself.

When you are loyal to yourself you attract people and situations that enrich your life and you don’t attract any confusion to your energy. When things are confused, if you don’t know the difference between, ”what is me and what is not me,” you start having doubts about yourself and what you came to do and have troubles. Then you blame someone when things don’t go right. Out of this is born manipulation. You are telling a lie and when you tell a lie, a bigger lie follows cover the lie.

Ask yourself these questions.
• How do I feel about my loyalty to myself? Be honest with yourself (no one is watching :-).
• To what percentage am I doing the things I want to do in my life or am I doing what I was taught I “should” do?
• To what percentage am I happy, fulfilled and minding my own business?

Loyalty has to do with your inner communication. It has to do with the real you and your needs. If you don’t know exactly what is you and what is not you, what happens to the things you came to do?
If you were trained that someone else deserves your loyalty or to look outside yourself for your direction, you are denying your beingness by wanting someone else to do what you are supposed to do yourself. You may have done this lifetime after lifetime.

If you look for direction and fulfillment “out there somewhere” you look in your maze. Your “maze” is all the emotional concepts you were taught to work with rather than the true feeling you came in with. If you are looking out there, that is where your loyalty is: in the maze and since your responsibility is what you came to do, you try to do it, “out there somewhere.” Then your physical body has troubles.

No pill will put you back in balance. If you want to reconnect with your life purpose and your true feelings it is a matter of being honest with yourself. You can only truly identify with the real you and the real you hasn’t abandoned you, it is the core of who you are.

We have been taught that all the answers are outside ourselves. The reality is that it is the emotions that are outside you – part of your intellect’s “feelings”. The real you is your true feelings; the good, kind, sharing, loving, understanding, fearless part of you.

The solution is to have patience to feel, understand and see what you are. If you have been taught that the excitement is outside somewhere. Then, you may feel it is your responsibility to keep that thing out there going. When you begin being really honest with yourself, you will take a look at what works for you and what doesn’t. Then you can throw out what isn’t working and build on the good part, your true feelings.

Your only responsibility you have is to accomplish what you came to do this lifetime. Your niche. Your thrust. Your life’s purpose. You did not come here to be loyal to anything or anyone outside yourself; no organization, no other person, no religion. You came to be loyal to yourself and to be a strong example to those who look to you for direction. No one can accomplish your life purpose for you and you cannot accomplish another person’s life purpose. Your guidance are here to help you live your spiritual thrust and that’s it. No more and no less.
So we have 2 little things: the real you (loyalty) and what you came to do (responsibility).

When you strengthen these 2 little things you wont have any troubles. You also will see that you are responsible for what you have built inside by looking for your answers outside yourself: a mountain of emotions by having placed yourself in a position of being responsible for doing everything for someone else and nothing for yourself. Or, by placing everyone else’s needs before you own.
You can turn all this around in the next breath by being more honest with yourself concerning your loyalty and responsibility. You all need is to take an honest look at yourself and what you can take with you when you graduate from this lifetime.

Let’s take one more look at Identification from this inner perspective. Read this aloud to yourself and see how it feels.

My identification is my ability to remain myself and yet freely identify with other individuals or groups. It is my capacity to sense my needs, my desires and my feelings from myself, but not become involved in my problems.

Those words, if you read them aloud a couple times a day for a while, will reprogram any confusion in your Identification Chakra.

When I am consulting in this area, the question I get most is, “How can I not become personally involved in my problems?” In reality, you don’t have problems. You have areas where you don’t have an understanding for what you are feeling or a feeling for your understanding. You call these problems because someone taught you to. By remaining detached from your “problems” you can discern what is really going on and find solutions for yourself.

Author's Bio: was founded by Melissa Kitto (new Zealand) and Richard Lassiter (USA). They have lectured and presented workshops throughout the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom since 2002. Both are Certified Spiritual Consultants and Directors of Inner Peace Movement International, Inc.