Do you realize that freedom is a four-dimensional phenomenon? Physical, intellectual, spiritual and Ultimate freedoms are the interwoven parts of the rainbow of reality. You are here in this world to explore all the colors of the rainbow of reality. Move into a deep in-search of freedom right now. The first freedom is physical freedom.

Intellectual Freedom is the Second Dimension

There is freedom of your conscious mind to doubt and start from scratch. There is freedom to think your own way. When you are free from any conditionings, ideologies, dogmas, doctrines, beliefs, then you are ready to search for your own truth.

Remember that truth cannot be borrowed from any source or given by anybody to you. Truth can be caught immediately in the proper atmosphere. And the only task of a real master is to prepare such an atmosphere through pointing, hinting and improvising.

The first step is to sharpen your skeptical mind to clean the road from old artificial dogmas to allow the spring of nature to flow. Become a true scientist to discover, in-search and explore.

The Mind Power

Your brain is a powerful mechanism. You may use your mind as a powerful bio-computer. In your mind you can go anywhere. There is freedom to use the power of mind, to use your thoughts, imagination, visualization and concentration techniques to create new ideas, projects and things in the world. Turn the mind on when you need to succeed on the marketplace. Turn the mind on when you concentrate, think and focus.

Attachments and Desires

At this stage, attachments and desires still exist. And this is very useful for the marketplace to compete successfully. You think in terms of ego, in terms of personality, in terms of possession, in terms of success, in terms of achievements, in terms of growing. But do not forget that getting richer, getting powerful, getting more intellectual, getting more and more objects of desires leave you still running on the periphery far away from your inner centre. Your mind is an excellent servant but an awful master!

The Poetry of Life

Being a scientist of your life is just one side of a pendulum. Clinging only to one side of a pendulum of life may paint the bright colors of your life in the gray color of unhappiness and boredom. Besides the marketplace, besides the prose of life, there is the poetry of life.

When you are creative, then in this atmosphere directly from your heart the poetry of life starts blossoming and the beauty of existence starts dancing. There is freedom to express your own creativity, this is freedom to share. When you become both the scientist and the poet of your life, then you are a bit closer to your inner being, your inner nature.

And then the next step is spiritual freedom to be yourself, the freedom of the sunrise of your individuality.

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist ™ System, the Vise-President of cosmeceutical company, the Senior Scientist of the R&D department, entrepreneur. His fields of interests for over 20 years have been the study of bio-energy, information theories, time-space phenomenon, psychic power and holistic life style.