Do you realize that freedom is a four-dimensional phenomenon? Physical, intellectual, spiritual and Ultimate freedoms are the interwoven parts of the rainbow of reality. You are here in this world to explore all the colors of the rainbow of reality. Move into a deep in-search of freedom right now.

Physical Freedom is the First Dimension

Start the journey from the physical body. Explore the inner life of your physical body to know its cycles and rhythms. Realize its tense and relaxed areas. When you find out its own language, then you may feel many subtle nuances of your body and respond freely and freshly any moment, how your nature requires. You may indulge more and more in your body needs. You may move beyond any food diets because you know how to choose your vibrating food which resonates with your body nutritional needs… Who else knows your exact food needs?

You may enjoy natural optimal breathing that is adaptable to any situation… You may practice improvised optimal physical activity that refreshes and revitalizes you… You choose physical exercises which your body needs… You may touch the mystery of sleeping when you dance with night silence.

Move into a Deep Sensitivity of Your Physical Body

These should not be just theoretical words for you. Being in tune with your body is based on respecting your physical body and loving your body as a divine gift of existence. You may move into a deep sensitivity of your body when you are walking, running, exercising, eating, dancing, singing. You can walk, watching each step. And you can walk, not watching each step. Feel the difference! You can eat mechanically and you can transform your eating into festivity. Feel the difference! And this deep affinity with your body may bring you so much gratefulness, so much celebration, so much joy. In a deep sensitivity of your body you begin opening a door to a new dimension of freedom. It leads you to yourself.

By accepting and respecting needs of your physical body you begin remembering and feeling how your body overflows with energy like it was in your childhood. You allow your nature to take its own course. You do not suppress energy inside your physical body, you are aware of it and you can re-direct it any way you need. You do not allow mechnicalness to take possession over your life. Every second life vibrates with new waves and your physical freedom helps you to be in a deep affinity with this vibration. This means physical freedom. Do you realize what I am talking about?

Think about it. Do not postpone this great chance to restore good friendship with your physical body. Your body has been given to you as a foundation to explore the rainbow of reality. And the exploration of the physical body rhythms is only a start of the inner journey. And the next freedom is intellectual freedom.

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist ™ System, the Vise-President of cosmeceutical company, the Senior Scientist of the R&D department, entrepreneur. His fields of interests for over 20 years have been the study of bio-energy, information theories, time-space phenomenon, psychic power and holistic life style.