Do you realize that freedom is a four-dimensional phenomenon? Physical, intellectual, spiritual and Ultimate freedoms are the interwoven parts of the rainbow of reality. You are here in this world to explore all the colors of the rainbow of reality. Move into a deep in-search of freedom right now. The first freedom is physical freedom. The second dimension is intellectual freedom. Now it is time to discover the third dimension.

Spiritual Freedom to be Yourself

Freedom to be yourself is essential. It is your intrinsic right to explore your own being. You are different, you are unique from anybody else. You are not a carbon copy. While moving from the periphery, from the outside to the inside, to the centre, you move from quantity of objects of your desires, from attachments to quality of inner peace. At this stage you drop your crystallized ego and lose your personality, imposed by society.

This is freedom to find your individuality that you never lost but that was covered by the luggage of artificial barriers and conditionings. For the first time you are not trying to be somebody else that you are not. You become the whole person. You become the harmonized person. It rises from awakening. It rises from consciousness.

You become free from any manipulations that create a split deep down. Freedom to be yourself arises from within you. It arises from your awareness, from witnessing, from observing. Meditation opens the door into your being. You transform your reactions arisen from your past into your fresh and spontaneous response arisen from within, from your nature. In the centre you are free from the duality of any philosophical and theological dogmas and doctrines. This is true spiritual freedom to dive into yourself through mindfulness beyond opposites of hopes and hopelessness, desires and desirelessness, success and failure, attaining and not attaining.

The Alchemy of Witnessing

Finding yourself does not require to go anywhere but in... Witnessing all the desires, dreams ,goals, projections and illusions of your mind (what is called Maya) brings this freedom. It arises from here and now, when you catch the gap of silence inside, when you dive into between, when you move beyond all neurosis, fears and misery rooted in your mind. You move from the darkness of loneliness to the light of aloneness to obtain truthfulness, love and blissfulness.

It is time to drop all methods and techniques to drink fully the freedom of being yourself. This is like a wave dancing with the wind. It is time to sing and dance. It is time to celebrate your life.

Freedom to be yourself, to know yourself, to explore your own nature gives you so much blissfulness arisen from the eternal well. And finally, just the last step remains. It is not the freedom from something or somebody, but this is liberation for existence, for divineness, for eternity.

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist ™ System, the Vise-President of cosmeceutical company, the Senior Scientist of the R&D department, entrepreneur. His fields of interests for over 20 years have been the study of bio-energy, information theories, time-space phenomenon, psychic power and holistic life style.