Here we are with another year almost done. I just want to say ‘wow’, that’s it, just ‘wow’….I have been watching the changes going on in our world and I am even more convinced that the Spiritual frequency is certainly rising. As I have stated before the Angels told me that the years between 2008 and 2012 would be ‘interesting’, ‘wow’ to say the least. When I was told that, the details were sketchy, because the Feminine Creative Energy was rising on this planet and more and more people, male and female alike were embracing it at a higher rate than ‘we’ had expected. Way to go, humans opening up to more love. So if this is true, why is their so much chaos and uncertainty? Very good question……..

I was a teenager in the late 60′s, like so many of you, us “Babyboomers”….that was a time like no other….the war, the protests, the establishments, the murders of so many leaders. They were murdered because they carried a vision of the higher energy and what could be. Did their energy came to the Earth too soon? So many did not want the energy that these souls carried to happen, it meant change! No death happens without making an impact somewhere and certainly the death of those leaders still have impact today, including some 54,000 plus who died in Vietnam…..I was in the 3rd grade when the announcement that President Kennedy was shot came over the loud speaker, I went home from school and my mother was crying …….and so it went. There were people fighting to keep Black people from being able to ride in the front seat of a bus, seriously? They fought to keep them from integrating in the schools, What the ***?. We as a people with the leadership of Lyndon Johnson upheld with a great battle civil rights, Public Broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, aid to education, and “War on Poverty.” This was the sixties, many amazing accomplishments while the battle to keep so many of these things from happening raged on with tremendous struggle while the ‘Babyboomers” protested the war, inequality and marched for more freedom.

This was the ‘Age of Aquarius’ aptly put in the song of the same name by the 5th Dimension…..

(When the moon is in the Seventh House, )
(And Jupiter aligns with Mars,)
(Then peace will guide the planets,)
(And love will steer the stars,)

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
Age of Aquarius. Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding,
Sympathy and trust abounding.
(No more falsehoods or derisions.)
(Golden living dreams of visions,)
((Mystic crystal revelation,))
(And the mind’s true liberation.)
Aquarius! Aquarius!

All that coming together in the 60′s, that went well, kinda, sorta!! Believe it or not this was the first wave of major changes that needed to happen on Earth. You see humans had the “BOMB”, with a few egotistical decisions the planet could be destroyed crushed and sent out of orbit in pieces, okay, yes, worst case scenario, but could we actually take that chance with humans?……….so ‘They’ came, leaders of unique heartfelt quality and wisdom, any doubts, remember the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’, whew, that was close…..and lets not forget the drills in school to hide under your desk in case of nuclear attack, yeah, that sure made us feel better!!!

Okay that was than and this is now …….the higher frequency came in the 60′s and now, yep, you got it, here we go again! Before the crash in 2008, we were living in a false economy, spurred on by greed and lies, while we became complacent on what was happening around us. We allowed ‘leaders’ (I use that term loosely) to steal our elections, start wars that should have never happened, should I go on? Well, you get the picture……what happened to our Spiritual Connection? For so many it was consumed by stuff, the false economy and the need for more physical stimulation….yes, we became complacent!

The rising of the Feminine Creative Energy gave way to a frequency that compelled those who embraced it to love more, see beyond the physical and realize their connection in a most powerful way, their connection to the Source energy. Sooooo, the illusion that was created had to crash, and it did in the fall of 2008. The money bubble burst and many all over the world fell in frequency as they realized their illusion could no longer hold water or air or physical reality. Survival took our Energy to “First Chakra” issues, money, our physical world connection, gone……now what? 2009 turned into a void as many tried to find their footing in this new reality. By 2010 many moved into “2nd Chakra” , learning a new way to live, creativity, how to survive with this new reality of less instead of more….many found their spiritual connection growing, as the old reality passed away with much physical property loss and the new understanding of what ‘creating your own reality’ really meant…….

This shake-up from the Recession, with many corporations taking advantage of the situations created by this ‘crash’, they have suffered no pain in this time of change, they have made money and want to make more off the backs of the elderly, sick, impoverished, the least among us…the interesting thing is the least among us has increased in this changing frequency. Now like the sixties, people are waking up, they are ‘occupying’ protesting as they move into “3rd Chakra” energy, the third chakra is the center of self esteem……people are screaming ‘I deserve more’, and they are angry….This is great! The center of self-esteem if working properly does not allow itself to get stomped on or taken advantage of…good job humans you are moving up in frequency, much to my and others relief.

Now what? 2012 will lead us to more changes in frequency, these energy changes have a major affect on each of us emotionally, physically and of course spiritually. You will see more protests and more voices speaking out…and of course those who have ‘worldly power and money’ will be fighting twice as hard to keep their control over you, your power and your money. But you see their worldly power causes them great fear because unlike spiritual power which comes from Source, God/dess, their power can be taken away and they know it by us rising up protesting, occupying!!…while the spiritual power is always meeting our needs, wants and desires and cannot be taken away.

My next Blog will give you specifics on how to function in this higher energy and look for my predictions blog coming up..we’ll all see how ‘predictions ‘ pan out. Check out my event schedule for a town near you to get this info in person and please check out my YouTube video 2012, part one & two….ladies you’ll appreciate it, it was a good hair day!

In the meantime….

Welcome to Earth, Spiritual being!!!!

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Linda West is an internationally recognized psychic medium and motivational speaker with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology Her intuitive insights have empowered thousands of people to elegantly and more easily act, decide, move forward in all situations and to heal from the loss of loved ones.
As a Metaphysician, Ms. West combines a personalized blend of teacher, psychologist, spiritual healer and counselor and with applied psychology, universal spiritual truths and her tremendous psychic gifts she connects with the Angels to provide vital insights, answers, guidance and perspective. Ms. West is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, personally Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, a
Theta Healer, Linda is the author of the acclaimed book, 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels and is the Radio Show Host of Empowered Life with Linda West, Thursdays, 11am PST on BlogTalk Radio.,