The Frequency of Money
by Susan Nicholas, MD

My first memories as a little girl were of my parents fighting and our family living in desperate conditions. I was still in diapers and not more than two years old when my parents divorced. I began living with my paternal grandmother who was visibly burdened raising the last handful of her own nine children. I never felt genuine love from my grandmother and my father was then a singer who travelled frequently with his band. I recall my brothers and me waiting by the window for our father to return home to his mother’s house after days or even weeks of being on the road. By this time in my life, I rarely saw my own mother who was barely more than a teenager herself. You see, we had nothing, nothing at all – living in low-income project housing surviving with the help of government rations.
Growing up poor is a common reason many people hold onto limiting beliefs surrounding money for their entire lifetime. These beliefs can include thoughts like “There is never enough money” or “I don’t deserve more money.” When we harbor confining beliefs, we also resonate the frequency of lack. Most often we find our earliest memories of deprivation are rooted in past situations involving our parents. That disempowered energy must be transmuted into the higher frequency feelings of worthiness and self-confidence if we are to attract greater means or higher incomes.
Money, like all things in existence, is energy at its core. When we have negative feelings or restricted beliefs about money, we express an energetic dissonance and do not attract the higher frequency possibilities that provide us with abundant resources.
There is an infinite and intelligent universal energy that feels your emotional resonance. If you vibrate the frequency of scarcity, desperate situations will manifest in your physical reality. To create a life that you love and that is abundantly full, the emotional frequency from your heart center must match your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. You cannot, for example, say that you want more money but feel that you are not good enough or feel greedy for wanting more. The language of the Universe is the frequency of our feelings. When the Source of all that is picks up on emotional destitution, by universal edict it has no choice but to return earthly circumstances that are equally inadequate.
The next time you feel exacerbated about money, hold that irksome feeling in awareness and ask yourself to honestly reveal where it comes from. Identify where you are holding that dense, painful energy in your body. Where does it hurt when there is not enough money?
On a number of occasions, I would become so frustrated with my money situation that I would scream at the top of my lungs. I screamed at myself in my car, in the shower, or just pacing around a room as I searched my mind for answers. When I would be reduced to screaming, I would feel ashamed and disempowered in those moments. I would experience a sharp pain in my upper back, in the area between my shoulder and neck, that would radiate down my spine. One good scream and I would have the shoulder and back pain for days on end. I began making this observation when I became consciously aware of the soul-body connection. I realized during my conscious awakening that the feelings we have inside manifest in our physical body if they are not addressed and transmuted. What I didn’t know early on was how to exactly transform the dense energy of lack. We must first acknowledge it then ask our higher selves to release the energy because where there is an incongruency between how we truly feel and what we are asking for, then frustrating money situations will ensue.
In the worldly economies of today, we're conditioned to value net worth instead of our self-worth. In this paradigm we can never truly be financially free. We are often confused when someone who is monetarily prosperous becomes depressed or intoxicated with drugs. This bewilderment persists because we attach our financial net worth to our happiness. Happiness comes from recognizing our innate self-worth, despite any limiting financial delusion. If during lean financial times we feel small and unimportant, we are not financially free, no more than if we feel superior and empowered when we are rich. It is natural to feel upset in a financial downturn but feeling down on yourself due to finances keeps you from attracting your abundance.
When we allow financial situations to dictate our feelings, we give our power away to money. If your emotions about yourself fluctuate depending on your bank account balance, you are not yet financially free. Remember that the way you feel inside is the vibration reverberated out to the Universe and what is returned to you in kind.

Susan Nicholas, MD is the founder of the Human Consciousness Consortium and an inspirational public speaker on topics of consciousness for She is a former physician and surgeon, a Reiki energy healer, conscious coach, and the author of The Duality of Being: Perspectives from Multidimensional Travel.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Nicholas, MD is the founder of the Human Consciousness Consortium and After experiencing her conscious awakening in 2012, Susan became the author of the celebrated manuscript entitled The Duality of Being: Perspectives from Multidimensional Travel and a series of illustrated children’s books. A former physician and surgeon, Dr. Nicholas is now a Reiki energy healer, conscious life coach, and a highly sought-after public speaker on topics of consciousness.

Dr. Nicholas is a former clinical fellow in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford University
and General Surgery resident and research fellow at UCSF Medical Center.
Susan is a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Medicine
and earned an Executive MBA from Emory University Goizueta Business School.
After graduating from business school, Dr. Nicholas founded a healthcare
company and worked as a healthcare equity investment analyst. Susan began her career
as a pharmacokinetics chemist at a publicly traded pharmaceutical company.
She is a French language and culture enthusiast, enjoys organic baking, running, swimming, and playing the violin. Susan lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her son.