It’s amazing what my vitamin cabinet looked like after a while, I was a pill addict and there was no stopping me either. What had I become due to this anxiety disorder I thought to myself? How much money had I wasted on all of this stuff, as well as online miracle techniques that just just kept me coping with my panic and anxiety? It was sad to see, but in my mind back then I knew the instant cure was out there and knew my odds of potentially overcoming my panic and anxiety would increase if I tried everything on the market (not true as I found out the hard way). I learned that any kind of pill, whether they are herbs or prescribed medicine fopr anxiety, should never be thought of as a replacement for changing the daily habits that are creating negative experiences in our mental and physical well-being. In fact, the best thing anyone did for me during my search for a cure to my panic attacks and anxiety was what my best friend Mike did one day when I invited him over for a movie night.

Mike and I had known each other for just over ten years, and he has been there for me whenever I needed him. He was one of a handful of people I could possibly open up to that would understand what I was going through but I didn’t. I kept my issues with panic and anxiety away from my closest friends and family due to the fera of them distancing themselves from me, thinking that maybe I was crazy or something. That day that Mike came over, he was confuseed on why I was drinking tea rather than sharing a beer with him (anxiety and beer just didn't mix for me). He had also noticed a lack of motivation and joy I had over the past few months in life in general, which of course was dragging him down as well. As he left the living room to grab another beer, he noticed my cabinet full of vitamins, herbs, prescriptions, and more. He started asking questions about them, and I started to explain to him that I was suffering from an anxiety disorder and how it was ruining my life in general. At that point, Mike grabbed a large garbage bag and dumped everything in the cabinet into it “what are you doing” I yelled at him, I couldn’t believe what he was doing, I was speechless. Mike was an upfront guy and someone I always looked up to because of his outgoing personality that people were attracted to. He was someone who made you feel good inside and people wanted to be around him. He said to me that from that day on I was allowed only one herbal supplement and one vitamin supplement. He was a physiotherapist and was actually quite knowledgable about anxiety disorders for some reason and had a decent idea of what was best for me, so he recommended a B complex combined with Kava Kava and that was it. He also showed me a road map of what I needed to change in my lifestyle habits to increase calmess and decrease stress.

I was grateful to Mike for keeping it simple, and was glad I had someone who I could turn to if I needed and it felt great. We all think that overcoming panic and anxiety naturally is scary, an unknown world that could cost us much time, effort, potentially money and pain. But the natural path ahead to creat change is not as bad as you think. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder it's time to have an open mind and do your research, it's time to see what naturally has worked for others, and it's also time to see what this anxiety disorder is costing you in the many aspects of your life and take action because this is the fuel that you will need during those days you experience setbacks, and yes setbacks are a part of recovery.

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The Anxious Athlete is an inspirational story about a former professional tennis player who overcame 6 years of debilitating anxiety disorders naturally. A dream was tennis fulfilled once health anxiety and agoraphobia was overcome, and now through the End The Anxiety program as well as the Anxious Athlete blog Dennis is helping many others overcome their own anxiety disorder struggles naturally.