There are as many musicians today as there are galaxies in the universe. In every nick and corner, you would find a kid with big aspirations to make it big in the music scene. The music industry around the world is very demanding. It is a mere assumption that someone with a heap of resources and command on software can mix-match tapes and tweak some percussions to produce quality music which would accumulate millions of streaming views on online music platforms. This is not true. All of the mega-successful artists who we know of today have battled great struggles and are swamping of immense talent which elevated their standing in the world today.
It’s easy for a young and aspiring musician to be intimidated and fall out when facing competition from mammoth stars. To find space among the likes of Calvin Harris, Maroon 5, Arctic Monkeys and Drake surely seems like a far-fetched thing, but in reality, anyone – literally, anyone! – with talent and a commitment to work can be as successful. Thanks to the music companies today, some of you can have their dreams come true.
In fact, Nathan Vincent Duvall, the leader of the band Disciples has started a record label company and publishing company called “Outcry Entertainment”. This company is based on the agenda of giving the incredibly talented artists who are turned away by other platforms a chance to prove themselves. So many music companies do not prefer working with newbies because they are already making millions with the big names. However, in order to ensure that the music industry stays flourishing, companies like Outcry are doing the job.
For this venture, Nathan Duvall has joined hands with FutureKind, a company that has a vast network with the giant players in the industry like Len Blavatkin and Sarah Stennett. It is exciting what this company would be bringing on the surface and in a general view, we may see many young artists taking the leap forward. Outcry is currently looking for demos, so it is an outright great opportunity for the newbies to get in touch with them and give it a go.
Not every single artist would manage to make an impact but that should not be treated as a failure. Nathan has an inspiring personality as a music producer and writer. He is always on the look for uplifting the spirits of his fan-following. His YouTube videos bear testimony to it. Taking the chance with his company is a win-win situation because if you failed to make an impact, you would return with some incredible advice and tips from the experts working at the heart for this company. The sole agenda of the label is to give a resourceful platform for all the talented people out there and it just doesn’t close its doors on those who do not get to impress them. Nathan himself has been there and done that before he started writing songs.

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Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession. He also use to write his opinions on multiple topics in order to guide people through his experience and also to spread his opinion so that people can share their thoughts and are also open for a discussion.