Are you planning for a pamper party for you kid? If there is an upcoming birthday of your little girl and you want to celebrate it in a grand way we will suggest you plan for a pamper party. These parties are absolutely all about fun. They are meant for different age groups.

The kid’s pamper party

The kid's pamper party involves a combination of various traditional things like cake cutting, party bags and much more along with the presence of particular treatments inclusive of adult party treatments. In a nutshell it comprises the best of both types of celebrations.

Ways to plan a pamper party for your little daughter

Planning pays off whenever parents think of celebrating their kid's birthday in an extra special way. Pamper parties are indeed special but they demand some sort of planning and execution. In the next few lines we will tell you how to plan a pamper party for your girl who is too excited for her upcoming birthday.

Kick off

Get some buffer time for the pamper party in Sydney so that you can start the event only after all the little guests have arrived. The kids will be too excited to catch up with such fun so give them the time to arrive at your girl's birthday party.


After the little guests arrive start with the pampering event. It will take around 1 hour.


Get started with the pamper party games. They will allow the kids to drench into the party mood before getting ready for the meal. The process will take around 20 minutes.


Get those little guests seated for the pamper party meal. We are sure they will have their own preferences and pick items according to what they want. The session will include food and cake distribution. It’s likely to take around 20 minutes.


Your girl has been showered with gifts by her lovely little friends. Unwrap them all. It will take around 20 minutes.

Free time

Allow the kids to roam freely and play games. Let them play till the time their parents arrive. This is supposed to take an hour or so.

Although this is the basic layout for the kids entertainment party in Sydney you have the liberty to adjust the timing and entertainment based on the schedule you have arranged for the pampering party. Sometimes the party schedule depends upon the meal you have chosen to offer. If you want to feed the kids with the birthday cake, you will not need to allocate much time. However for a full course meal you will need to extend the schedule.

Never forget to appoint an extra adult individual who will keep an eye on the kids and help them in case they need it.

Separate space for pampering

A pamper party takes an all new meaning when you arrange for a separate space. While you arrange for the pamper party make sure you get a separate space for other aspects like food or games which have a habit of interfering with the pampering event.

Indeed these are some key aspects to consider when arranging for a pamper party for your little girl.

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