Imagine a life, your life, where you're generating more joy in all your relationships than ever before. Imagine being in relationships where you can speak honestly and not be judged, criticized, blamed or told what to do. Imagine being able to learn more about yourself in every interaction with a friend or acquaintance and at the same time being there to support this person in learning more about themselves. Imagine having multiple relationships where you could speak how you truly felt without the usual "I'm fine" or "everything is good" response. Imagine being in various relationships where you are appreciated for who you truly are and where you appreciate others for who they truly are. Now imagine if this was prevalent throughout the world and not just in your relationships. What would this world look like? Can you imagine?

If you're like us, this is the world you want to live in. In order for this kind of world to exist we must "be the change we want to see in the world". This "change" is at the core of what we call a rEvolutionary Relationship. For the world to change then we as individuals must change and the way we relate to others must change as well. Wikipedia describes a "revolutionary" as someone who supports abrupt, rapid, and drastic change. While an "evolutionary" is an individual who is passionate about creating the future. So this means that a "rEvolutionary" is an individual who is passionate about creating the future in an abrupt, rapid and drastic manner. When the concept of relationship is brought into this context then you have an individual who is passionate about creating the future in an abrupt, rapid and drastic manner through the vehicle of interpersonal relationships. Now this is where it starts to get exciting. When two or more people come together around a common purpose or intention and with a commitment to create a world where there is authenticity, conscious awareness and a desire to grow or evolve both the individuals and the relationship for the greater good, the world must become a better place. This is starting to feel like a pull forward toward a new world full of openness, honesty, awareness and growth. A world where these attributes are a given and even an expectation.

Before we go too far creating this fantastic world, let's take a step back and look at a relationship model. In reality, there are actually three entities when it comes to any relationship. First, there is me, the individual, then there is you, another individual, and finally there is our relationship. The relationship is different and distinct from you or me. It is its own entity. We both contribute into the relationship and we both receive something from being in the relationship and this is likely different for each of us. Once we start to see these three components then it is possible to see that there is more power in trying to achieve something, learn something or move something forward when there is more than one person involved. The power of one has produced many great things for our world. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa are but three great individuals who have had a tremendous impact on the world. In their time it was expected that if someone was going to change the world they would have to do it alone. This is no longer the case. Our world is now so interconnected that the power to change is now in the hands of groups or people in relationships. The time has come for all of us to unleash the power of relationship to allow the world to once again move forward for the betterment of all. This is the challenge we now face in the world. How do we create the world we want to see, together, in relationship?

To create abrupt, rapid and drastic change we must lead with intention. We must have a conscious desire to see this change manifest into reality in our lifetime. And while having this intention is admirable, we also must make the commitment to make it happen. Commitment is intention brought into action. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and say "That's a good cause and I wonder who is going to lead the charge so I can get behind them." We each must pick up the mantle and seek out others who are also picking up the same mantle. We need to do this in relationship with others and in a new form which is rEvolutionary in nature. There is a growing realization that relationships are becoming the most important vehicle for creating or co-creating the future. Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D. of the renowned Hendricks Institute recently posted that "In the 21st century we're entering an era in which relationship itself, rather than either men OR women, will be the leader." So it appears that if we are looking for someone to lead, the answer is -- the leader is US.

Author's Bio: 

Bob is a relationship coach and trainer specializing in creating awareness around building authentic, conscious and evolving relationships. These include relationship with self, love relationships, parent child relationships, blended family relationships, almost wed relationships and work relationships.

In addition to being a Certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach through the world renowned Hendricks Institute as well as a Certified Soulful Coach, Bob is a passionate, integrity rich communicator who combines his 30 years of executive management, leadership and relationship skills to bring awareness and possibilities to the relationships of individuals and couples and to.

Bob, along with his wife, Jane Warren, is passionate about unleashing the power of relationship to accelerate the evolution of human culture. They are delving into what it means to have a rEvolutionary Relationship through living and exploring the impacts and possibilities in all facets of relationship.

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