There have been a lot of advancements in technology worldwide and a lot of your appliances and household items are automatically controlled. Just like that your swimming pool can now be controlled and transformed by using technology into an intelligent swimming pool. These pools in the future will be smart and efficient for people according to their lifestyles.

What is an intelligent swimming pool?

An intelligent swimming pool is one in which your maintenance is minimized as the pool can control itself in terms of lights, cleaning, and heating with the help of an app on a smartphone or a computer.

Which of its elements can be controlled?

• Pool management:
An intelligent swimming pool system, the pool does not have to be manually programmed in an installed device in your home, but it can be controlled by using a smartphone, laptop or tablet on which software can be downloaded for the pool management.
Having an intelligent swimming pool contributes to letting you manage your pool at anytime from anywhere.

• Temperature and safety:
An intelligent swimming pool enables you to keep your pool warmer and safer for your family and friends. A pool pump is a piece of the important equipment in temperature consistency and keeping your pool's water safe an hygienic. It also prevents the growth of microorganisms and algae colonies.

• Lighting:
The LED lighting system in your intelligent swimming pool can be easily controlled by your smartphone or device. It can be very useful for quickly making your pool ready for use on short notice and gives your intelligent swimming pool a very attractive appearance.

• Salt levels:
Managing chlorine levels is a task that can be hard for a pool owner to perform; the pH balance in the pool has to be exact for your pool to be safe for use. An intelligent swimming pool maintains the pH to a constant level and saves you plenty of time for the task by performing it.

• Pool cleaning:
A pool is a job that no pool owner looks forward to as it can be very tiring and long. However, if you happen to own an intelligent swimming pool system, it can clean itself. It used nozzles and via the effective circulation of water, your job is done by your pool in no time.


• More time to enjoy:
An intelligent swimming pool gives you more time to enjoy your pool with your family and your friends by doing all the work itself

• Saves you money:
Swimming pool system can save you a lot of money by drastically improving your energy use and balancing all the minerals and salts utilized by your pool on an average

• Increased property worth:
All around the world are more attracted to homes that have specials aspects to them as an intelligent swimming pool installed. It acts as a positive feature in the house as it does not require large hours of maintenance.

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