In Berkeley, living around the ocean can be hard on your house. Salt, wind and the rain can impact everything. Of all of the things that happen to stuff from living along the ocean, we rarely consider the impact on our garage doors and that mechanical marvel, the garage door opener.

This team keeps the ocean weather at bay. It stops the wind, the rain, the leaves and the critters from getting into and ruining our stuff. The truth is we rely on our garage doors to function perfectly. And, they usually do. But of all the gadgets, appliances or widgets that are a part of our lives, this is the one that we rely on the most. Think about it, what else to we rely on every day, that we actually interact with. We open the and close the garage door around 600 times in a year. Simply amazing. That is once in the morning and once in the evening when we come home, six days a week. We rarely think to have a garage door repair company in Berkeley come out and maintain our garage doors.

Maybe this is because we really don’t see the garage door as being all that complicated a piece of equipment. We simply see a door, of some kind, and the thing that opens it. It is so much more than that. A garage door is a series of pulleys, springs, rollers, levers, etc. When you add an opener to it, with its chains or screw drives, motors, etc, it can be very complicated and dangerous. In fact, most repairs should only be taken on by someone that specializes in garage door repairs in Berkeley. There are also companies who specialize in garage doors in Berkeley, the repair, and replacement of garage doors and their related equipment.

In fact, the garage door opener is becoming a go-to techno-gadget. We can control so much of our house with our cell phones it was logical that the garage door would be added to the list of appliances that have gone high-tech.  But not just any garage door opener will work with this technology. Is adding your garage door opener to the list of high-tech gadgets safe? The truth is the answer is probably yes and no. But, the door opener you have may be more likely to be hacked than are the newer openers. That is because today’s criminals have figured out a way to use technology to hack older garage door opening systems. This vulnerability has been fixed in most, but not all,  of the newer systems. So, getting someone to come out and upgrade your garage door berkeley will make you less likely to be exposed to these lowlifes.

Maybe you can’t afford to replace your garage door. It can be a rather large investment after all. If that is the case at least consider have a company that garage door repairs manchester come out and assess the vulnerability or your door.

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