Today I want to share with you a post that is very dear to my heart. It is said that challenge can either destroy us or make us grow, and the choice is ours. Dealing with an eating disorder has been one of the most difficult, yet most beautiful things I’ve gone through in my life.
And the same can be said of any challenge you might be facing. Once you truly embrace the gifts behind any perceived “problem” your life will change forever.

Some of you might ask the following question: “How can a challenge be a blessing?”, or “How can I turn my own challenge into a blessing?” Well, stay with me and you’ll find out.

Any difficulty that you face can be turned around by the deep knowingness that no mistake is ever made. Know that you are one with the perfection of All That Is, and that the future, present and past have always been good and true and perfect.

If you, just for a moment, choose to see with the greatest perspective that always sees the large picture, you would welcome your challenges as a means of self-discovery and as indicators that are showing you what parts of yourself are you suppressing.

Know that whatever you may be going through, you are always held and divinely guided from within. Through faith and hope we can know that everything that comes our way is the grandest adventure of all, in which the Infinite is unfolding life through our hearts.

From this perspective, any challenge can be our biggest blessing, helping us discover our Self, in which we know ourselves to be the One and also the many. And from this place we can then discover that the deepest Love and the root of Light can only be found within.

Sometimes only by experiencing what we are not, can we then come into the knowing of that which we are. Like playing a hide and seek game that brings us back to a place that we have never left.

My eating disorder has shown me that I am the source from whence all light flows, at one with the infinite, eternal and serene. We are all as vast as the cosmos, with endless possibilities of joy and play as we become the dreamers of our dream. As we become both the observer and the observed. Savouring each moment and each challenge as an opportunity to shine brighter and shed the illusions that obscure our light.

Know that life is always holding you tight, even if you cannot perceive it through your contracted perspective. Hold your visions high, with hope, faith and surrendered trust to the One Life.

Be grateful for anything and everything you may be going through, knowing that there is always perfection by your side. As you continue to broadcast heartfelt gratitude throughout the cosmos for what we you are going through (no matter what it is), life will take care of bringing you that which is truly yours.

Can you now see the blessings behind it all? Can you open yourself and be willing to see your own magnificence and light? I’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below!

In praise and gratitude for the One Life,

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Author's Bio: 

Monica is a spiritual and evolutionary coach that helps people turn their struggles into an opportunity for self-realization, inner-power and freedom. After dealing with an eating disorder for over 15 years, she finally found that true nourishment comes from the inside out, and she was called to dedicate her life to the spiritual path of full liberation, evolution and self-expression. She holds a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and a MS in Nutrition Education from Columbia University and a second MS in Holistic Health and Nutrition. She is currently becoming both a Belvaspata Healing of the Heart and an Inner Mastery Tool Practitioner. She is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles. You can learn more about her at