Love is a gift. What is love? It can be many things. In other times and other languages, they had a variety of names for the different types of love feelings we have –

Filial love, which conveys brotherly, friendship love. Agape love transcends ego and embraces the world. And, of course the really fun one we associate with Valentine’s Day: Eros, which is erotic love – this type of love is the wonderful surging of life force within us that is physical, creative, and yes, even spiritual.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote the following on love – “All thoughts, all passions, all delights, whatever stirs this mortal frame, all are but ministers of love, and feed his sacred frame.”

Even if you do not have a partner, how do you access the power of eros, your creative life force to fuel your soul? What delights in your daily living do you allow yourself to have? This week, give yourself permission to enjoy something pleasurable that fuels your passion, whether it be watching the sunset, eating a luscious chocolate, kissing a lover, or petting your cat – let yourself revel in it. Enjoy yourself and let that get you connected with all the love and joy available in your life.

Another fun activity is the following: Make yourself a sack lunch this week and place a love note in your lunch bag. You write yourself the love note. Phrase it exactly how your ideal lover would phrase it. Use your imagination. If you have a partner, you can write one for them as well if you’d like.

One of the Tantric texts advises the following – “Raise your enjoyment to its highest power and then use is as spiritual rocket fuel.” A quote from Tantric alchemy states furthermore, “... in the heart of the jewel, love and passion can transform one into pure awareness.” Close your eyes visualize love, what does it look like to you? You can see or feel it as a color, word, or person, however you’d like. Breathe it in.

Love is truly a gift to you. Cherish it as a vehicle for your creative expression in the world.

Sometimes we take it for granted - we say we don't have time for it, we plead that we have work or other seemingly more important obligations than to feed the beautiful seed of love blooming. Ah but alas, nothing feeds the soul and heals the body more than love! Nothing spurs on our creative juices that cause us to work more effectively than love. People that know the true value of love honor its place as a giver of life.

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Barbara has a BA in Biology and an MA and PhD in Psychology, with a specialty in Mind-Body Health. She is a certified spiritual counselor and coach, and was also trained in past life regression by Brian Weiss, MD. She's trained in integrative Eastern and Western techniques to help couples improve their sexual relationship. Barbara teaches clients integrated tools that help them create the life and relationships they envision. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Love and Lust column as well as other international media sources.

A client recently said that just by doing the meditation techniques in her class, their business and income expanded greatly because they were more centered and present. Another client lost the fear to ask for what they wanted in life in general, so they asked for and received double their salary and several months’ vacation. Clients have revitalized their love lives and become more comfortable with themselves. The techniques she teaches are unique and powerful. She can teach you techniques to get out of the struggle mode and regain your sense of self, while still having an enjoyable work and family life using a holistic, integrated approach incorporating both traditional goal-setting techniques as well as alternative techniques derived from acupressure and yoga to help you raise your self-esteem, feel balanced, and reach your goals more quickly.

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