It is imperative to realize and live in the gift of the present moment if you wish to create the life you desire. Living in the NOW requires letting go of two things; one is the past that keeps you tethered via your unreleased emotions to people, places, things and experiences you have no control over. The other is the fear of the future.

If your NOW consists of focusing on a painful past or the fearful future you are all twisted up. Your inner wiring is crossed; your thoughts are pulled in opposing directions rather than being fully engaged in the present moment where you can consciously create with empowered awareness. If you are thinking negatively and feeling less than desirable emotions; you will continuously manifest what you do not want.

When you are dragged back by your past and or pulled into a fear based future you are cross-wired; meaning your focus is twisted and split out in multiple directions. This is holding on to what no longer is and you have become the present day abuser. This is not conducive to effectively and successfully focusing your intention on what you really wish to create.

Your presence in this moment of your life is vitally important to straighten out the inner wiring to create the change you desire. You need to be attending to what you are thinking, feeling and doing in the NOW, rather than being unconsciously consumed with your head turned backwards or being paralyzed to move forward into the future terrified of more of the same.

Most of us waste our precious time and energy with thoughts of' why it happened and what we or another might have done or not done that would have resulted in a different outcome. We involve ourselves in one ego mentally based process after another that continually fails to affect a positive outcome. There is no reason to figure it out, dissect it, or analyze it; all of those tactics keep you in a mental process where you continue to divert your attention away from the uncomfortable feelings that are holding you back.

Most of us were taught to suppress feelings so that we could avoid further adverse consequences. But the truth is the bad feelings are affecting you negatively regardless of whether you choose to acknowledge them or not. Being present with your feelings allows the emotions to be released in the moment they arise which is far faster than the time it takes to keep investigating the details. The who, what, where and why is nothing more than mental gymnastics that really don’t matter; it is over and done with and there is nothing you can do about it except for choose how you are going to think and feel about.

Not being present in the NOW can result in feeling badly and projecting negative emotions striking out in all directions; all the while not understanding why you are angrily bouncing all over the place looking to project blame or whining, crying and complaining seeking someone to fix it for you.

To make matters worse when you are engaged in this behavior, your friends and family may begin to pull away and you end up wondering why you are alone and feeling so desperately abandoned. Anyone in his or her right mind knows better than to get close to a randomly bouncing live angry wire and no one wants to participate in a pity party for very long, unless it’s their own of course.

It is inconsequential whether you manage to attract someone’s attention temporarily with your anger, or complaining; before long only you are the one that is suffering. You are the one who is your own captive audience addicted to the pain of past victimization not even realizing that repeating your tale will not change the outcome. Choosing to continually punish either yourself or others or retelling your sad tale does nothing more than keep the same old story with the same old results repeating itself. These behaviors do nothing to change the outcome, both are defeating your intentions of creating a better life; you cannot focus on defeat and expect victory.
Instead of engaging in victimization projecting blame or feeling shame; choose to focus on whether you are feeling good or bad in any given. Then choose to release the feelings by allowing a healthy conscious expression of them. As you release the feelings you will be able to change your thoughts; which in turn will make you feel good and this will ensure your future being the outcome you are hoping for.

What I am suggesting is you take time to go within yourself to be present with the negative emotions; simply sit still and bring up the thought of the past experience. Then give yourself permission to feel whatever emotions are attached to it. Be quiet while the emotions bubble up; then allow yourself to express whatever it is. You may feel like crying or feel angry; let those emotions flow consciously without doing harm to another or thinking shameful thoughts about yourself. Releasing the feelings will help you realize the higher truth of “what was done for you”, rather than being limited with the belief of “what was done to you”. This ends the victimization and empowers you to be victorious in all you encounter.

Forgiveness is a very powerful tool to release negative emotions and will enable you to let go of the past; gracefully steering you forward in each moment. Start with forgiving yourself for having the experience to begin with and you will see after forgiving yourself there really isn’t anyone else to forgive.

Being free from the tethering tormenting thoughts and emotional pain of the past liberates you from fearing your future; empowering you to make the most of the present by choosing to begin each day excited about the new adventure about to unfold. You will be filled with gratitude for what is, rather than regret for what was or fear about what will be.

In any given moment anything you experience and how you think and feel is nothing more than a choice. When you are present you have awareness of that choice. If you decide not to be present with yourself you will continue to live by default; confirming you are a victim of circumstances, where you recreate the same unending, unchanging cycle over and over again.

Right here and NOW in this moment and you can choose to make a difference by understanding you are the one who has the absolute power and authority to affect the change you desire. You will know for sure where your energies are focused and whether your past is done with you if your life is reflecting back your manifested heart and soul desires.
In the NOW you are the master, the empowered authority of your life; a conscious co-creator having the absolute and direct influence in every experience that takes place.

This is not only possible but it is inevitable when you choose to be mentally, emotionally and physically present. When you choose the NOW, your creative thought process is enhanced and the possibilities of manifesting the life you desire are endless!

The past is but a memory
The future is but a dream yet unrealized
The Now is the Gift...that is why it is called the Present.
Copyright 2010 Eloryia RA

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Eloryia RA, is a spot on Intuitive psychic reader, workshop leader, emotional release facilitator, Clairvoyant, Reader, Radio Talk show Host, Artist, published author of "Ascension, The Awakening" , and the "Magnificent Me, The Highway to Heaven on Earth. Her work engenders a true sense of faith and trust, while rendering an authentic, effective and successful change within each of those who engage her services. Life coaching resources for personal development.

When you become more aware, and in tune with your higher self and the laws of the universe, you will then and only then begin to see miraculous change in your life. I can help, get guidance now!