Quite often lately I find myself engaged in a familiar conversation, that of the re-emergence of the Goddess in our society. I realize that the frequency of this conversation can be attributed in part to my creation of the “Boundless Goddess” program, however, beyond that it seems that as the world transforms there is a great awakening occurring.

This new awareness seems to be spurring on a revival of the role of the Goddess, and as this unfolds there appears to be a struggle ensuing ~ one to strike a balance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

The men are crying out for fairness; if the feminine are Goddesses, why are they themselves not referred to as Gods? The feminists are crying out for equality and alluding to the fact that men should be revering them. Women who are not embodying the true Goddess are using it as an excuse to look down on, and put down men, and embrace promiscuity over sacred sexuality. The true Goddess is simply being in her Divine essence and using it to awaken the Divinity within others.

In answer to the men, for so long now in many parts of the world there has only been the male face of Divinity present, and you have always been portrayed as Gods; regardless of if you were truly embodying your God Self. The men who would use, abuse, and betray the Goddess have lost sight of the face of God, and as such are not in their God essence.

When you are fully embodying your Divine Masculine you have the sensibilities of the earth. You are focused on solar purpose, discerning, concentrating, holding form, and taking action. Your energy honours, respects and worships the feminine side of Divinity. You offer your support and protection of the life-giving beauty of the Divine Feminine, and therefore her success.

It is only when you realize and embrace your own Divinity that you will come to love, honour and cherish the Goddess. Together you will be greater than the sum of your parts; then you shall be called God, and she Goddess.

The feminists are equally as far removed from the Goddess with their constant cries of being mistreated, and viewing equality to mean that we are free to behave just like men, denying essential aspects of our authentic selves. Instead of celebrating our unique feminine qualities, you deny that we have any, and claim that there are no gender differences, and that a feminine woman is no more than a plaything for men.

You despise words like “nurturing,” and “maternal” and view these words as weaknesses. To be called “feminine” is an insult to you. You have embraced your Divine Masculine side, and have turned away from your Divine Feminine, and because of this imbalance you are unable to provide space for the Goddess.

Then there are the women amongst us who seem to be in confusion, embracing aspects of feminism and an unenlightened form of the Goddess. You are the ones who have decided to have sex without becoming emotionally involved, looking only for physical pleasure over Divine Union.

You are choosing infidelity and promiscuity over sacred sexuality, and are claiming this to be an authentic expression of the Goddess; when, in fact, you are expressing as wanton in your lust and salaciousness; commonly referred to as the “Madonna/ Whore” complex. You are selfish in your expression, and lack breadth, depth, and spirit. There is nothing sacred about cheating on your husband or boyfriend, using the internet as a means to sexually exploit yourself, debasing yourself as a mere sex object, and murdering the Divine Feminine.

The Goddess is the spark of inspiration, the catalyst of change, and the siren of desire; she is the archetype that provides transcendent healing, a re-connecting with source, and nurturing of divine essence. There are many “feminine” archetypes present in the Goddess ~ The Priestess, The Lover, The Queen (Mother), The Warrioress, and The Wise Woman, all with their own unique attributes.

Expressing fully as the Goddess archetype shows up as a woman who emanates dynamic energy, flowing, ever changing with boundless intuitive wisdom and creative energy. Her presence is inspiring and causes one to feel renewed with enlivened energy ~ stimulating and revitalizing. Her demeanour is spiritually balanced and emanates love to all in her sphere of life without distinction or prejudice.

The purpose of the Goddess is not to make the God kneel before her. And, in fact, it is unnecessary because when the True God and Goddess come together they will complement each other; neither will need to kneel to the other, and yet they will both willingly choose to do so.

Goddesses, your purpose is not to make men apologize, grovel or kneel before you. Your purpose is to express your own unique Divinity and use that to cultivate a new awareness in this world so that balance may be returned. Similarly, Gods, you are not meant to violate, belittle or exploit women, nor are you meant to enable the women who would not treat you justly.

The God need not fear the world remembering the role of the Goddess. We are not looking for you to forsake your masculinity. We are simply asking you to come into a new awareness of the feminine, within you, within us, and within the world. The God is not less than the Goddess, rather they are both more powerful in their sacred union.

To be a God or Goddess very simply means to own and express the Divine within. If you are not living as a full expression of the Divine then you are not a God or Goddess, and no amount of calling yourself one will make it so.


Author's Bio: 

Andréa is a certified Master Life Coach (AUNLP) and Professional Fitness Trainer. She uses her life coaching skills in combination with her fitness training~BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, and Weight Trainer~her Sports Nutrition certification, as well as her Master Meditation and Shamanic Breathwork certification to facilitate positive life transformation in her clients.
Andréa has also packaged her skills in the form of holistic health retreats and had the privilege of leading life-changing events around the world. www.andreadykstra.com