Charlotte is seduced in the carriage of a train to Paris, Charlotte is set to narrate the story.

“I forget to introduce myself, I am Charlotte.”
“I am George, and my Fireman is Albert.” George replied, wondering if this was from one of the best lesbian novels.
“Thanks for that. I can now imagine you both up there as we thunder down to the coast.”
The smartly liveried Attendant took her First Class ticket and accompanying Pullman ticket.
“They’ve given you a nice window seat facing the engine, all ladies on the table.”
True enough, the two seats opposite Charlotte’s were taken by a couple of teenage girls in identical sailor outfits; getting up to let Charlotte into her seat was a well-endowed middle-aged lady, she had the look of renowned lesbian authors, her hair up a bun held by three pearl ended pins. The long face held a stern regard and this was endorsed by her dark brown eyes that watched Charlotte in a way that was overtly penetrating.
“Bonjour Mademoiselle.” Her voice was soft yet firm. Straight from lesbian websites.
“Bonjour Madame et Mademoiselles.” Charlotte replied nodding to the two young girls, who replied in perfect French.
“Vous étez Française?”
“Non Madame, Anglaise.”
“Your accent is very good, may we continue in French?”
“Certainly Madame.” Charlotte readily agreed.
“My name is Simone, and governess for my two charges Claudette and Antoinette.”
“Charlotte, Charlotte Brown.” She replied.
“Oh! Like Miss Brontë?” Simone exclaimed.
“Yes, but without the literary talent, I am afraid.”
Just then, amid whistles from the guard and the engine, there was a slamming of doors as they then began to move very gently out of the platform and over the multiple points. Once they were past the large white BOAC Terminal that Charlotte had got to know, the ride was quiet as they gathered speed over Vauxhall bridge.

“So why are you visiting our country?”
Charlotte went on to explain her studies at Oxford University, and her intended sabbatical in Paris. While she did she could not help noticing Simone’s long tapering fingers and perfectly manicured nails. Then her eyes were drawn to Simone’s bust. Her blouse was high necked but the top three buttons open to allow the cleft between the bulging hemispheres to be very visible. The rest of her bosom was outlined by the blouse, even the areola and nipples just discernable through the pale green silk. She had difficulty in trying to avoid noticing the gradual firming of the nipples. Oh! No she thought this is what happens with my aunt Maud. So Simone’s thoughts about my body must be similar.
Breaking into Charlotte’s thinking, Simone took Charlotte’s hand and placed the palm over one breast. Rubbing it round and round until the nipple was hard, then slid it into her blouse.
“I was watching you, you like my big breasts, I never wear a brassiere as the girls will testify, so you can fondle one for a brief moment. The girls only get to suckle them when they have had a sound spanking.” Charlotte felt the firm rounded breast and the now hard nipple
“That is enough.” Simone pulled Charlotte’s hand out.
“You would have to have a red bottom to get more, correct girls?”
“Yes. Miss Simone.” They answered in unison. As if on cue the attendant arrived to take their orders.
“When do we arrive?” Asked Claudette.
“You have just over an hour and a half left ladies, we arrive at elven thirty eight, Miss.”
Simone encouraged by Charlotte’s obvious curiosity placed a hand on her thin cotton frock just above the knee and squeezed gently. Charlotte continued to gaze out of the window, well aware of the hand that now moved slowly up her thigh, it inched onwards to the elastic waist of her frock. First the fingers found her navel and the sharp nails plucked at the puckered belly button sending shock waves down to Charlotte’s groin. They continued until Charlotte could ignore their activity no more and began to squirm in her seat. Simone leant towards Charlotte and pushed her tongue into Charlotte’s ear, then nibbled her ear lobes. The tongue became more and more active probing deeper, then when her ear was soaked with saliva it was replaced by the lips which blew softly into the now very sensitive ear, as in lesbian websites, or the best lesbian novels
Charlotte noticed that the two girls were watching intently.
“Getting wet are we?” Simone whispered in her ear. Hardly able to deny it Charlotte nodded.
“Well let’s see.” She whispered. Then sat up straight as the attendant served their teas and buttered crumpets. All the while Simone’s hand never left Charlotte’s tummy; if she noticed, there was sign shown that he did, typical of lesbian authors.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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I am India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.