They are upset. Really upset.

Others are avoiding you. They will walk out of their way or around.

Some downright mock you. Not to your face, mind you.

That one plays it cool and aloof. Cold shoulder treatment.

The ones hanging out in the corner are the catty ones. Wait until you hear their stories about you, none of which is true of course.

What is it that you are guilty of? What is this great crime that often causes an uproar?

You spoke your speak. You spoke truth. In other words. . . . you are a Leader.

Few are willing to go this route because of the above scenarios. Leadership is often a tough, lonely road.

Leaders are part of the 10% willing to live life to the fullest. The 10% that is not part of the common, the plain, the sheep. They are willing to do things that most will not. Willing to be different, knowing full well that criticism is soon to follow. It is the “C” word – criticism – that proves too much for most. It is the gigantic Stop Sign.

Leadership – the great “crime.”

Are you willing to commit it?

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David Orman is the creator of The Ordinary Buddha, found at an