The greatest attributes of "The 12 Step Program" and what makes it the greatest contribution to the world in the 20th and now the 21rst century- are many fold.
To begin with here is a "Program of Recovery" That has literally saved millions of lives and improved or touched in a positive way millions of others. Created by two (2) "selfish" , "worthless" men, "written off" by society, the professionals of the time, and except for a very precious few (counted on one hand) considered a detriment to society and better off institutionalized and forgotten. From the prayers of their respective loved ones and a couple of caring members of the clergy. These two men created the 12 step program and the fellowship of A.A.. The fellowship of A.A. which has spawned more than 300 different fellowships and 12 step programs. 12 step programs which have in positively affected millions more.

One of the most distinctive aspect of this Program of Recovery and the Fellowship which surrounds it- Is as I was reminded by a reading in "Daily Reflections"
"The only Requirement for Membership is a desire to Stop Drinking" which most of the other Fellowships Incorporated. Stop - whatever said fellowship was hoping to recover from. NO DUES to pay- No educational requirements, No political ties required, No family ties needed, Did not have to "know" the right person or be born to the Right family, No need to be a financial success, No religious affiliation needed, No educational requirement, No Dues or Fees to join. Only to be in need. This in itself made it the marvel it is. Without this Many of us millions would be in Jails , institutions , Dead or still suffering miserably and affecting the lives of countless others. And this most remarkable TRADITION- made it possible for Millions upon Millions to have direct access to " The 12 Step Program" Which in turn as mentioned before virtually saved the lives of millions and touched the lives of countless millions in a positive way.

The other distinct and marvel about this "Program of Recovery" Which makes it stand alone from other "Models Of Recovery" is as mentioned above. However I believe it needs to be re-iterated. Is the cost ( NO DUES or FEES) most of the other (less successful) " Models of Recovery" Is, in one form or another a PAY for use treatment. As the "12 Step- Program of Recovery" is virtually found anywhere and available in over three hundred forms and Many different languages . So virtually available for FREE for basically the entire World.

The other and perhaps biggest attribute about the "12 Step Program of Recovery" Is that if one just follows the guidelines PRECISELY as laid out- IT WORKS. As millions can attest.

Author's Bio: 

I am a 18 year member of A.A., C.A., and N.A., I have been a drug and alcohol counselor in two recovery houses. As well as a life skills coach. I spent 8 years as operations Manager for an Alano Club, I am presently working in the feild of life skills coach and recovery coach. I am also a inter faith Pastor.

I have recovered from alchol and drug addiction. Drug addiction included, Weed, Mushrooms, L.S.D., Speed, Herion , Cocaine. I used thes drugs in many forms from smoking Crack, to injecting Herion, Cocaine, Speed, L.S.D. and even injecting alcohol.I have alco recovered from bankruptcies, failed relationships. Criminal mind set.