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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Want to use your business to get rich? Of course you do! Then why aren't you giving away more?

Counter intuitive though this thought may appear, it contains the key truth of business success: the more you GIVE AWAY, the richer you get!

How much did you give away yesterday? How much the day before?

Right this minute, with the worldwide economy in the doldrums and likely to remain so for some time, millions of business owners are scratching their heads for ideas on how to spur crucial sales. All sorts of ideas, from the daft to the expensive, are being advanced.

Yet the solution to getting more sales is plain: Don't just sell your customers something, dazzle them with everything you will give them in addition to the actual product or service they pay for.

Focus the customer on an absolutely stunning offer

Look at everything you sold in the last few days. Were your customers buying products... or were they motivated by offers packed with additional benefits, benefits you were giving away as inducements to motivate faster sales?

In other words, did you make sales because you gave away one thing after another, which made purchasing the items in question an absolute no-brainer?

Start by brain storming what you can give away

Most businesses have NEVER made a systematic effort to determine just what they can give away to induce more sales faster. This, however, is key and must be done at once.

Go through every single product and service you offer. What can you give away:

* more of the product or service * free delivery * free shipping * discount coupons for future sales * a special limited time offer * service and support

Get the picture? Before you can fashion high-octane offers, you must develop a list of EVERYTHING you've got and can give away to motivate more present and future sales.

Study other people's offers and give-aways

The great thing about being in business is that paying attention to what other businesses are doing (and not just competitors either) can benefit you every single day. Thus, wherever you go, review what companies are doing to get your business; can you use or adapt them to your business success?

Develop a "give-away" mentality.

Business, you have been told, is all about closing sales, in other words about "working" the customer. If you buy into this point of view, you're in for a lifetime of drudgery and hard work. STOP IT!

Instead, consider yourself in the business of crafting spectacular bonus offers that enable you to make sales the very easiest way: by so exciting customers about the freebies and great offers they get that they'll do anything to get them! Doesn't this sound a whole lot easier and more fun that "closing sales"?

Start today, review today, improve today

Right now you're probably still trying to get your head around the concept that the more you give away the richer you'll get. Fair enough. But don't wait because of that to get started.

Today is the perfect day to start... as well as the perfect day to review what occurred AND to make improvements (like giving away even more).

You see, as long as your objective is maximizing your wealth... you're in the business of increasing the amount you give away and enhancing customer motivation. And if wealth is your goal, you must do what it takes to become a world-class expert in giving away, giving away, giving away. Because that is the sure-fire way to get wealthy.

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