Did you know? Drivers spend an average of 17 hours a year searching for car parking in shopping centres. It is a painful issue that needs to be addressed. With so many malls engulfing the country every single day, Parking is becoming more and more of a hassle. Everyone wants to visit shopping malls, but find no space to park their car. They spend hours and hours looking for a suitable spot to park their vehicles. Circling around looking for parking has become more of a routine for most people.
The total quantity of parking available is something that shopping centres will have to re-valuate in the next few years. The growth in the population and cars circulating has brought the parking experience to the forefront of the overall shopping experience.
Today, technological developments are definitely changing the way people park their cars. With automated car parking systems, optimize use of space is possible. Parking payment has evolved from a person charging and manning the exit barriers to more convenient automated payment machines and automated barriers. There are also parking sensors that help direct traffic to avoid congestion and reduce pollution.
The challenges faced by parking operators and shoppers are just increasing.
Typically speaking, there are two types of shopping centre cars parks in India:
• A very large well-established multi-storey car park serving patrons of a shopping centre, and
• A large surface car park located beside regional shopping centres, serving shoppers in a more limited area.
Most cars parks have two things in common:
• Exclusively shopper’s car park with little or no contract parking and no other significant ‘magnets’ attracting parkers to them.
• Pay car parks trading in areas where on-street parking charges apply.
Establishing sufficient and efficient Car Parking space in a shopping mall is the need of the hour. It not just increases the sales of the shops in the mall but also increases the overall footfall per day.

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Author's Bio: 

Mr. Radha Krishnan - Managing Director of Sieger Parking Car Parking System in India.