I’m not a big bible reader but my Catholic education has left me with a few memories of bits of scripture that have stood out and still have deep meaning for me still today.

From 1 Corinthians 13:13, “For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love”.

This is what we are all looking for; this is the mainstay of our true feelings of peace and contentment, of happiness and joy in our lives. This is the deepest of the deep emotions that has no beginning and no end. It comes from the source of all, from God, the Universe, a Higher Power and it trickles down into every one of us all the time.

If we are not feeling this love within ourselves, or with others in our lives, it is not their fault. It is not what they are doing or not doing, what you are receiving or not receiving. It is about our ability to heal the pain and move through it so that we can create a space and the vision to see and feel this love.

There is no greater love than that which we feel from the root of our being; the love that comes from the Source of who we are, a spark, a light, a fraction of the pure essence of God, experiencing life as it is lived from all different aspects.

When we know this, understand this and feel this in every fiber of our being – that is truly being “in love”. It is the most authentic love, the truest and purest love that is.

And we can all “find” this love. It is not farther away than your heart. Open your heart, feel it expand and take in all the glorious experiences of life, allow it to accept others just as they are, to love those even when they cannot love themselves and to live it every day.

Take a few minutes each day to check in. Is your heart open and do you feel the tenderness of that deep love within? Is it constricted and does it feel hard? Take a deep breath and envision a beautiful vibrant green light, a ball of energy growing in the middle of your chest. Feel the warmth of it, the softness of it, the healing, the kindness as your heart expands.

Take this feeling into the world and feel how different your day will be when you live from your heart. Then you will understand that the greatest love of all is always within your reach.

With love and kindness

Author's Bio: 

Bettina Goodwin is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, speaker, facilitator, writer and because life can never be too sweet, a chocolate maker.

One of her greatest joys in life is to guide her clients discover the truth of who they really are and soar to heights they never thought possible before. Helping them to become more self-aware so that every moment matters and each day is full of miracles waiting to happen.