Till a few years back, Durgapur was just another small town playing second fiddle to Kolkata, the capital city of Bengal. But over the past few years the scenario has changed and now Durgapur has successfully gained the badge of a smart city. In the past all IT companies were concentrated in and around Kolkata, but now it is a completely changed scenario. Kolkata has become saturated in terms of space and manpower. There are many professionals in the city who are unable to find a job that matches their area of expertise as all the jobs are already taken. Space for new and upcoming companies have also become an issue, which have forced many IT/ BPO companies to look elsewhere.

Durgapur has emerged as the new IT hub of Bengal as it is devoid of the problems that is currently plaguing Kolkata. Durgapur has all the features of a metropolitan city, is safe, and well planned, with enough space at the very heart of the city, which is ideal for an IT company, for opening its operating branch. Therefore the city, in the recent years has seen a major advent of IT companies that have led to all kinds of IT related job generation. Content writing is one of the jobs that have emerged in this process.

Students of mass communication, English literature, journalism, comparative literature, or someone simply with elegant writing skill can have content writer jobs in Durgapur. Therefore experienced as well as fresher are getting a good platform to utilize their skill of writing.
Writing seems to be easy when spoken in a general way. But the content writer jobs in Durgapur are almost all in the IT field, which is actually not as easy as simple writing. The software and web development companies need skilled writers that can provide the much required support to web design, web development, software design, mobile app development, cloud computing, database development and optimization, and businesses in the international IT Field that are serving customers all over the world. Writing holds importance because it is the only medium of communication that will convey your message to the potential customers.

A website content writer needs a distinct approach to prepare the content when it's about web content and SEO writing. Because the first thing that draws a customers’ attention is the content of a website. If the content is not correct and specific, and at the same time interesting, then the customer will flee from the website, no matter how interesting the design of that website might be. A typical journalistic style of writing is not adequate for the content writer jobs in Durgapur, as there are topics handled by the web development companies, for which the writer has to research and give his or her unique outlook so as to make the content appealing and interesting. This content should be easy for the customers to understand as to what it is all about, and get interested and stay interested. Accomplished web content writers have a good demand in the IT companies of Durgapur. Content writers are the individuals who can help the website to get the attention of the target audience and create an enduring impression. Quality writing and creativity are the two hallmarks of a good content writer for web content writer jobs.

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The writer of this article,Jeo Nash, is working in the content management system in a leading ITES company based at Durgapur. He has researched in depth the type of content writer jobs in Durgapur that are currently available.