They’re getting a little boring aren’t they, weddings? Perhaps fifty or sixty years ago weddings were a more lively and more enjoyable experience, but now we live in a cringe-worthy time; a time in which tradition is no longer capable of living up to our modern, thrill-seeking expectations. Well, a change is on the horizon. Our modern sensibilities are now able to unfurl themselves from our previously restrained sense of moral and social decency and – here’s the best part – do it without the fear of any reprisal or post-wedding reprimand. Photo booth props are here, and they’re here to stay.

Why not liven up proceedings with something a little unusual – why not set up a photo booth to capture the smiles of all your guests? I’m not talking about the kind you might find at the airport, or found in the draughty entranceway of supermarkets up and down the country – I’m talking about personalised photo booths with great photo booth props.

Specialising in a range of innovative wedding decorations and photo booth props, The Happy Wedding are a company who pride themselves on their fantastic range of products. Providing any wedding with truly unique decorations and photo booth props, The Happy Wedding look to help their clients (those soon-to-be wed) organise an unforgettable day.

Great for adding a touch of hilarity to any photo, the photo booth props from The Happy Wedding help provide guests with a chance to really enjoy themselves on what should be the best day of your lives.

The Photo Booth Props Set is an assortment of hand painted, wooden photo booth props. The photo booth props set contains four moustaches (in various colours: brown, ginger and black), as well as four lips, two hats (one top hat and one bowler (naturally)), bow ties, glasses, and chalk board speech bubbles for writing cheeky messages.

Other photo booth props include a range of themed backdrops and various other hand-painted curiosities. To find out more about the photo booth props from The Happy Wedding, visit them online today and make sure that you have your wedding benefits from the addition of quirky, innovative photo booth props that’ll make your day truly unforgettable.

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The Happy Wedding know you want your special day to be fun and unique. From wedding venue decorations to just stuff that will make your guests smile like our photo booth props … we have a range of products and fun Wedding ideas that we think you’ll like!