What are stretch marks? What causes stretch marks? How do you prevent them? Common questions asked by many, and perhaps, even by you. “I have stretch marks.” Is this a familiar declaration? Though it is very hard to avoid them now, well, you just couldn’t change the fact that throughout your teenage life, those marks on the skin will leave an indelible scar. Thankfully though, there is a way to fade stretch marks or if not, make them appear as less visible as they were before.

Many people nowadays are concerned with their health, they tend to exercise more, eat healthier to obtain a normal body weight, to obtain a greater figure. These are positive attitudes and these ways are initial and significant ways to prevent stretch marks. So what are they stretch marks anyway? And how come they just appear without one noticing?

Marks on the Skin: It’s Description
Stretch marks is caused by the tearing of a layer of your skin called the dermis, the dermis is located in the middle of your subcutaneous tissues and your epidermis layer of your skin. Our skin are formed and held together by collagen and elastin fibers, these substances in your body are responsible for preventing the tearing of your skin. There are stretch marks that are very visible and then there are fade stretch marks that just appear to be a small tearing of your skin, this means your skin isn’t really damaged comparing to those that are visible.

Causes of Stretch marks
Hormones are a factor that can lead to such. A hormone in our body called glucocorticoids prevents the forming and holding together of your skin by your fibroblasts, elastin fibers and collagen. What we eat really matters, our food contains nutrients, and tendency is if we eat too much, and don’t watch for our calories, then those nutrients, and those fats are stored mostly in your thighs, buttocks abdomen, until you decide to burn calories, or until your body needs fat and nutrients thus the conversion and use of such will occur. What causes stretch marks beside that are gaining weight and can occur after pregnancy. Imagine pregnant women, and how her abdominal area expands due to the growth of her fetus, it is a fact that it’s hard to avoid stretch marks on occurring. That’s why when one is pregnant an efficient diet needed for her and her baby needs to be followed.

Marks on the Skin: Areas of Manifestation and Treatment
Stretch marks can appear any place in our body. The most common places that they are found are can be located at your fatty areas such as your thighs, buttocks, upper arms, abdominal area especially surrounding your naval. One can avoid this by living a healthy lifestyle. One can manage this condition by following a bal. Diet and exercise. Other procedures such as application of cream and laser treatments are medical ways that needs consultation with your physician before further action.

Having marks on the skin can really negate the person’s perception of her own body image. It may be comforting to know that we are not alone on our dilemma; but the thought that the condition is seemingly difficult to erase is inevitable. But the fact is there are indeed ways to treat the stubborn marks. With proper diet and exercise plus the right treatment, ridding the body of those marks is certainly possible.

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When you have a particular problem, skin problem included, it is quintessential to know the condition upfront. Knowing the root cause of stretch marks on the skin is the way to formulate the right stretch mark treatment for it. Read this article and be enlightened.