When we talk about Infertility issue and its treatment, there are a number of factors which needs to be taken into consideration during the process. Though these will includes various factors like taking the right diet, having a healthy routine and exercise regimen and following the proper medications prescribed by the doctor, maintaining the weight of the person looking to conceive is another most important factor which impact the chances of getting pregnant for a women.

While it’s a known fact that in order to achieve pregnancy, weight plays a vital role and if you got overweight or underweight, the pregnancy process is surely going to be impacted. Obesity is currently a global health issue and most of the people from the developed countries are going through the same issue with their unhealthy diet routine and eating habits. If we talk about the surveys and studies, the same quotes that every 1 out of 4 women across the globe is suffering from this issue. Moreover, the situation is more critical in case of women which are about to conceive. Even doctors have said that obese women got three times more chances to face the infertility issues as compared to the ones with average body weight. It was also been added that Overweight or obese women goes through longer pregnancy cycles and they get more health complications during their pregnancy as compared to the others. There is always that risk attached of getting sudden or recurrent miscarriage even when they achieved the pregnancy. To be precise, let’s have a look at some of the other harmful effects of Obesity on both Men and women.

1. Impact of Obesity on hormones
It must be noted that when the average body mass of a person (BMI of 25-29.9) enters into the obese category (BMI of 30 and above), the female body goes through hormonal changes in the process and the same would decrease the pregnancy chances of the women by a great extent.

2. Insulin resistance
The same hormonal imbalance that has occurred in the body due to obesity reasons would then leads to insulin resistance. While creating risk of diabetes in the process, it will impact the fertility levels of the person in a negative manner and further leads to various issues like irregular menstrual cycles. Moreover this Insulin resistance condition can also result in anovulation, where the body would not be producing the eggs in a proper manner.

3. Creates issues in both natural and assisted pregnancies
It doesn’t matter if the couple is planning pregnancy though naturally or through IVF, being overweight always put the health condition of the person conceiving at risk and can even result in a miscarriage. This could well be result of both hormonal issues and poor quality of the eggs.

4. Impact Fertility in Men
While we are talking about Obesity impacting women, it leads to a lot of health issues in Men also. Obesity can greatly affect the Testosterone levels in Men and additionally the possible occurrence of erectile dysfunction is on the higher side for the Obese men.

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Dr. Ali Riaz Malik, apart from being an exceptional medical professional he is also a very popular philanthropist.