Welcome to Creating Harmony’s email of indication. Our intention in this Harmonising Times is to provide our readers, friends and everyone else with foresight as to the influences impacting all our lives as we move through 2016. So helping each to Create their Life of Harmony by assisting each to take full responsibility for their life - the only person that can.

The weather during January´s lunar cycle reflected the changes underway across the Earth with nothing being as we expected it to be! This process of transformation was also reflected in many different physical ailments each of us has been experiencing, including disrupted sleep. Each one reflecting the issues being faced at that moment, usually related to the need to move beyond our limiting expectations.

This phase continues until 9th March with its solar and lunar eclipses.

The purpose is to help us all clear away to allow space for new beginnings. We offer here some insights into our views and experiences into the co-creation we are all part of this year – the year for Your Purpose. Once we recognise each of us alone is responsible for what we choose to create in our life, then the Universe can provide its assistance.

We certainly felt the impact of January’s Mercury retrograde. It muddied the energy flow, as well as its usual communications challenges. Why, because it was requiring us to focus on processing old wounds and resurrecting our buried spiritual gifts.

Now Mercury is direct, have you taken action based on what you explored during the three weeks it was retrograde?
Which means February is NOW the moment to truly plant the seeds for a positive, prosperous 2016 and beyond. To create your new beginnings.

Change of Course

Often when we change direction there are physical symptoms. Usually felt in the joints - painful knees and ankles as we seek to gain momentum on our new path, though still holding on to our experiences. If it is the digestive system which is upset, then this indicates an issue of stepping into your power, or not.

More understanding is available in 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony' – you can purchase your copy from anywhere in the world by visiting Amazon -- http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry. The first secret is about how we ground our intent, the feet playing a key role here.

Which is why maintaining our daily practices will help each of us stay anchored to ourselves and be grounded even though uncertainty surrounds us all. Especially as we enter this lunar cycle.

Just before February's new moon, Venus conjuncted Pluto to bring in strong feelings of love and strong attractiveness. In addition to firing up our sensual and sexual feelings, they also accelerated our creativity.

Enter the year of the Monkey

The new moon on 8th February is the official start of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese zodiac is based on the lunar calendar, rather than the more usual solar one. Since the moon governs your inner life, soul, intuition, and emotions, you will really feel this sense of renewal around the 8th.

This is the year of the fire monkey. Though there will be significant differences from the yin or feminine energy of the previous year, some trends such as the world's mega-restructuring and roller-coaster energies - will continue.

Differences between the two years will range from the subtle to the dramatic. The last fire monkey year was 1956. Fire monkeys are the most active of all types of monkeys and they tend to take a leadership role. The fiery energy they carry needs to be channelled into productive directions, though – it is very strong!

One trait of fire monkeys is competitiveness and sometimes impulsiveness - and these energies, if not managed, can lead to problems.

Fire is the element of passion and courage. Blessings and bounty will come to those bold enough to believe in themselves. If you want to know more about the element Fire -- as a valued subscriber you can download for Free a copy of Shamanics in Portugal´s All About Fire workbook. (Note: If you are already subscribed, or subscribe during February, you should shortly receive an emailed link to this Valued Subscriber's Gift! Look out for it!)

The fire monkey year is empowering each of us to have and be what we desire, if you have the courage to go for your dreams?

Central to this is to celebrate the culmination of all the work you have completed over the last nine years, for it is the moment to begin to reap your rewards. Even though they may not appear in the way you expect!

Dare to be Yourself

As mentioned in January´s edition, personal action is key this year. It is not a year to remain a bystander or procrastinate when your soul is nudging you to act.

Nor can we achieve our purpose whilst remaining separate, being alone. Consider the nature of community monkeys create.

By their nature they are active, collaborate in groups, show curiosity, experiment and are very inquisitive. Community and socialisation is the essence of monkey life – and they are mischievous!
We are social beings, just as are monkeys. It is only by working in community with others we will be able to understand and complete our purpose.

Whilst each of us has something completely unique to offer the world, it is only by allowing ourselves to be unique will we be able to fulfil our soul’s purpose. This year, more than ever, you need to be true to yourself!

When you are true to yourself, you are giving your best service to yourself, to others, and to the planet, for the highest good.

Each of us needs to have the courage to express our unique voice and creativity, and marvel at the magical opportunities that appear!

February is offering you the opportunity to take advantage of its potent energy and make your dreams come true – only you can choose whether or not to do so.

Awakening to Your purpose

Discovering and owning your life's purpose and creating a compelling dream life filled with joy and fulfilment‏ are the concluding themes of each Awaken Transform Live event.

26/28th February will be the first one for 2016 – to be held at our home in Portugal.

Then at the equally wonderful country location in Roskilde, outside Copenhagen on 8/10th and 15/17th April, followed by another in the autumn on 28/30th October.

For more details and to take advantage of the early booking special, contact Arne at: altlysnu(at)hotmail.com.

Further dates and locations to be confirmed. For full details on further events visit: Forthcoming Events. Or, if you would like to host an event near you, please contact us here: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/contact/

Or, if you feel the need for deep intense one-on-one coaching why not visit Gregory at his home in Portugal? The retreat is for two people with four days of consecutive one-on-one coaching sessions, plus a further three days to allow for integration. If unable to visit Portugal, Skype or similar is possible. The shift over four consecutive days of coaching is immensely visible. More details are to be found at: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/awaken-transform-live-events/

The Eighth Law

The core of each event is about releasing the emotions and beliefs limiting our lives. Achieved through recognising all events are created to enable us to grow. Thereby allowing each of us to forgive ourselves and others for the words, actions and deeds we perceive.

The Law of Forgiveness is the eighth Universal Law. If you have some health problems it always means that you have not applied this law. The word forgive is a two syllable word ‘for’ and ‘give’ and when you forgive it simply means that you ‘give’ up being angry and intolerant and you replace it ‘for’ something new, perhaps peace and harmony. You 'give' up judgement and hatred and you replace it 'for' something else, perhaps acceptance and love. Then you are free to be yourself and dream your dreams.

To quote Glenda Green in 'The Keys of Jeshua': "Forgiveness of another (or your Self) restores the truth of one’s own being. It brings freedom, transparency, and the restoration of life. Any process leading to understanding can accomplish this. When your life is transparent you are free, wise, and of service to all."

However, forgiveness is not simply a mental process through rationalisation, thoughts, and words. It must be felt within the heart and given from the heart. Forgiveness is a tool and empty words or gestures cannot bring to us the energies of love, compassion, and acceptance.

Not to forgive is to believe each of us is separate rather than we are all connected.

If you would like help in forgiving and being congruent with your purpose, then why not request a free strategy session? After sending us your completed questionnaire we will review it and confirm your booking.


February is an 11 universal month. This is a master number of the inspired intuitive where you are aligned to receive your vision for the future, so you can embark on the next step toward fulfilling your soul’s desires.

How often do you give your time, energy, or resources to help other people, leaving very little for yourself? The master number 11 is teaching you how to create balance in your life and relationships by making YOUR happiness your number one priority.

When you treat yourself with the generosity that you give to others, you are sending a powerful message to your subconscious and the Universe that you are worthy of all beyond your wildest dreams. That will be mirrored back to you in the abundance of your life and its relationships.

Be open to major shifts this month. 11 also governs relationships and love as it adds up to the root number 2.

The new moon which appears on 8th February is in Aquarius – the sign of breakthroughs. Movement the next day indicates this is a moment for intimacy, beauty, abundance and joy in the month of Love! A warm feeling envelopes your heart as you celebrate harmony and love with gratitude.

The full moon on the 22nd will herald a call to be of service and provide greater clarity about your deep feelings. The 28th will bring forth vivid imaginative ideas and inspiration. Though guard against not seeing beyond the veil of illusion - rather trust your intuition to guide you in every decision on this profound spiritual day.

When you act in accordance with your priorities, your energy is clear.  You have a feeling of excitement about what you are doing.  There is no resentment in the allocation of your time and resources because your actions are in alignment with what you have decided is important.  You are being true to yourself.

When you decide what is important, you are setting an intention to move forward with a plan of action.

Shamanics Events

The first Shamanics in Portugal event for 2016 is Discovering the Inner Realms…an Introduction to Shamanism – 19/20th February. This will introduce the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides, power animals and much more on our experiential journey together.

There will be a half day 'Introduction to Shamanic Journeying', on the morning of 17th March followed in the afternoon by the first Vision Quest – 17/20th March. The final ceremony on the Sunday will recognise that 20th March is the equinox.

The next 'Vision Quest' is from 13/19th June during 'Wilderness and Questing', with the final 'Vision Quest' for 2016 from 22nd to 25th September.

A copy of Shamanics in Portugal´s 'All About Fire' workbook will be provided to all who book.

The full list of events in 2016 is available by visiting the 'Shamanics in Portugal' Forthcoming Events page. If the link does not work, you can copy and paste the following to your browser address bar: http://shamanicsinportugal.com/category/forthcoming-events/

If there is any aspect discussed in this month's Harmonising Times that you would like to learn more about, then please feel free to contact us via the form here: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/contact/

In Summary

February´s energies are encouraging us to be open to recognising the seeds are ready for planting. Taking the action to do so, rather than focusing on what others may be seeking.

It requires us all to open our hearts and:

  • recognise and welcome arrival of the new;
  • maintain your daily practice;
  • observe the messages your body is seeking to pass into your conscious awareness about forgiving;
  • intend now to connect with your passion, invite the energy of that passion to integrate within you; and
  • allow yourself to be mischievous and act in community, shining your light on all.

Until the solar and new moon eclipses of 9th March providing steady, calm and lasting implementation of our desires - major growth can happen when the moon "blocks out" the light of the sun.

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Reece-Smith is a transformation coach, author, public figure and founder of http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com. Gregory's focus is on shifting the beliefs that limit individual’s lives and thus their world around them, including that of their organizations. Creating Harmony was founded to broaden the reach of this focus as real success only flows when beliefs no longer limit what is possible.

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organizations and with individuals. He conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to experience techniques to effect a shift and experience harmony. In December 2014 Divine Time Books published 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony'. This is available in both printed and electronic form from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry).

Whether helping an entrepreneur start to build his business or the chief executive of a large international one, Gregory has always been helping people to develop and grow, allowing them to understand the situation from ‘the outside in’ rather than necessarily the one they perceived from the inside out. Helping to shift their own views, building confidence so that they can take action to identify their own desires and start taking steps toward their achievement and so success.

Gregory states: "My passion is helping 'everyone' to do this, particularly those such as myself who focused on the desired achievement to the detriment of everything else! My purpose is not to help you to cope, rather helping you to transform your understanding and the way you view your life. Helping you to create harmony in your life. The Harmonising Times is published monthly to assist all in doing just that."

For more details about Gregory Reece-Smith's Awaken Transform Live events please visit: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/category/events/

For details about future events to be held in central Portugal with Shamanics in Portugal: http://shamanicsinportugal.com/

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