Welcome to Creating Harmony in Your Life's email of indication. Our intention in this Harmonising Times is to provide our readers, friends and everyone else with foresight as to the influences impacting all our lives throughout 2016. So helping each to Create their Life of Harmony by assisting each of us to take full responsibility for our life - the only person that can.

To step into the role of co-creator each of us has to first accept responsibility for who we are, where we are, and desire to create in our world. Once that is in place the Universe can assist as we have provided clarity as to our own desires. No longer do external events control us – unless we choose to allow them!

2015 has proven to be a challenging year for many, especially on the emotional and relationship levels. The last few weeks of 2015 were no different with emotions varying between slowing down and much activity. As bits and pieces of beliefs kept coming to the surface to be addressed. Even though most thought they had been addressed long ago. Yes, though not all the different shades and colours!

From the work initiated in December there can be no return. For December was about releasing the deeply embedded layers of the old self, with all of its beliefs, conditioning and views. Recognising these bits and pieces were part of us rather than pushing them away, only to eventually return with greater intensity.

For the last week itself, unusually all the major planets in our solar system were moving forward. Hence why from the 25th there seemed to be a sense of momentum, creating a sense of calmness.

Cosmic assistance was being provided to any endeavour created or being formed to benefit, rather than to hinder us all. What a wonderful start for 2016!
The period ended on 5th January 2016 when Mercury moved retrograde, for the first of its four retrogrades in 2016. This is one more than usual in a year, suggesting an emphasis on communication, perhaps a leak, something unexpected, certainly a need to ensure safe back up!


This is particularly the case during the current retrograde, which ends on 25th January. This retrograde is also about easing ourselves into the physical, for only here can we create solid foundations for achieving our purpose.

The retrogrades in January and May (28th April to 22nd May) emphasise creating opportunities where everyone gains. Another step strengthening co-creation and community in achieving our purpose.

The other two retrogrades are from 30th August to 22nd September and 19th December to 8th January. All four are in Earth signs, meaning support for practical communication, democratic businesses and building the physical.

Which is why 2016 is a year for positive pragmatism, not one for using rose tinted glasses - denying the truth we can see in front of us.

A year to seek our biggest, brightest dream and bring it into the physical.

However, what that will do is call each of us to stand in the middle of uncertainty to follow our purpose. 2016 is inviting each of us to participate creatively. Making all of us leaders as to how we live our purpose.

What this is likely to do is create tension, particularly throughout 2016 an emotional intensity we may not have experienced before. This will include accepting our shadow side is part of each of us, accepting it within us rather than denying it.

Which is why maintaining our daily practices will help each of us stay anchored to ourselves and be grounded even though uncertainty surrounds us all.

Be curious

2016 will require each of us to make a conscious shift from where we have become complacent. Being curious will allow each achieve extraordinary evolution. In so doing the ripple effect will spread to all forms and structures, including society.

We will be picking up the pieces from our choices made in 2014 and 2015. Putting those pieces together in new ways so that we view all aspects of life in a new light – hence the need for curiosity. Thereby creating new foundations for ourselves and so all.

Denial of our purpose will no longer be possible in 2016. Rather it is about serving a world in flux so each of us can expand into our new vision. Hence the need for curiosity to inform your vision.

For most there will be an urge to know what is `my vision´? This will always be bigger than our experiences! Also the vision will almost always not be what we think it is – rather it is necessary to feel the vision.

Our suggestion is to go to a place where you are at peace and calm and then allow yourself to feel the nature of your vision. Have no pre-conceptions or expectations, simply feel it.

Hold what is the vision of your Full Potential, rely on your intuition for it is unlikely to yet be cast in concrete.

This will mean many will be seeking help to bring into form their own purpose. Which means to do so, first break your limits so that you can help others to do the same.
This will be particularly intense during June, September and October. Which does not mean wait until then to make the offer or seek help, rather start now. In terms of process this is going to mean a shift from traditional goal setting and visioning to each feeling, understanding and following their purpose.

Listen to your body

The first six months as a whole will have a focus on highlighting where are the deepest and strongest stumbling blocks to knowing our purpose. Within that there will be three periods of greater intensity. The call to be addressed is likely to be exhibited somewhere in the body.
Quite often the symptoms will be felt in the joints - painful knees, ankles and sore elbows. These are all connected to altering course.

Knees are about the ego, being too full of pride, being stubborn at the moment when flexibility is needed. Ankles are also about inflexibility, though through guilt, and the inability to receive pleasure. Elbows represent uncertainty as to the direction and accepting new experiences. More understanding is available in The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony – you can purchase your copy from anywhere in the world by visiting Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry

The period to July is focusing our personal/professional attention on completing our transition. If you need any clues then these are likely to be found in the last three months of 2014.


The solar and new moon eclipses of 9th March and 1st September and lunar eclipse on 16th September, contribute to calling in our purpose. All three combine to highlight rebirth, expansion and new beginnings.

Then on 23rd March there will be a full moon eclipse. Closing a major chapter in all our lives, tidying up loose ends from the changes of 2014 and 2015. In doing so creating a sound base for new ventures.

These mean March and September will intensify the wave of 2016 which is seeking all of us to know our purpose.
In addition the September eclipses will be pushing us all to move with the times, adjusting to the change which is ever present.

Dark night of the soul

When any of us are transiting from one space to another we often experience withdrawal before we know we have arrived. Often this is associated with a crisis of faith flowing from a sense of being abandoned, not supported by God, Source, Spirit etc.,...

2016 has several phases emphasising completion and new beginnings. Their intensity may lead to a wish to be left alone, wait on the purpose arriving - to withdraw inward to address the dark night of the soul.

Our experience is that one of the main ways to learn to help yourself rise out of the dark night is to be prepared to ask for help. Otherwise you may shrink your ability to create your own vision.

Between June and September there is likely to be a sense of frustration at the pace of constructive and passionate reform being too slow. The last two months of 2016 will have an intense disruptiveness about them, encouraging us all to accept what is uncomfortable and uncertain.

One three year cycle will be closed and finished during 2016. With the December solstice another one will begin.

Awakening to your purpose

Discovering and owning your life's purpose and creating a compelling dream life filled with joy and fulfilment‏ are the concluding themes of each Awaken Transform Live event.

The first one for 2016 will be in Portugal from 26/28th February 2016.

Then at the equally wonderful country location in Roskilde, outside Copenhagen on 8/10th and 15/17th April, followed by another in the autumn on 28/30th October.

For more details contact Arne at: altlysnu(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Further dates and locations to be confirmed. For full details on further events visit: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/category/events/

Or, if you feel the need for deep intense one-on-one coaching why not visit Gregory at his home in Portugal? The retreat is for two people with four days of consecutive one-on-one coaching sessions, plus a further three days to allow for integration. If unable to visit Portugal, Skype or similar is possible. The shift over four consecutive days of coaching is immensely visible. More details are to be found at Transform and Create.

The Seventh Law

The core of the seventh Universal Law - the Law of Non-Resistance, is about removing resistance to the good that wants to flow to each of us. It is always available, only often we make it difficult for it to find us - by being invisible!

It is also about presenting each of ourselves in the best light. Removing the resistance we might have to presenting ourselves as ourselves, being authentic to ourselves so allowing others to send good our way.

By so doing we remove judgment, for when we judge we are resisting what is present in ourselves.

We have all experienced aspects of ourselves we do not like, often stubbornly holding on to it even though we know it is not in our highest good and purpose. Rather seeking to change what is outside of us rather than addressing what is within.

The essence of one of the techniques we use, Hoʻo Pono Pono works from the premise every aspect of life we see outside of us is within us. By addressing this we correct, restore and maintain good relationships by addressing the causes and sources of trouble.

Often we cause surprise when complimenting clients when they feel resistance and pain. Why do we believe this? Because this means the problems have identified themselves and because it shows them their growth. That is the next layer of the `onion skin´ presenting itself.


Whilst Mercury is retrograde from 5th to 25th January, there are shadow periods either side. This is also a moment to be introspective, reflecting on the events of the last three months of 2015. Then on the 7th there will be a push from Jupiter to roll up your sleeves and accomplish what you desire.

The new moon arrives on the 10th, heralding as a 1 Universal month many new beginnings! In this case the new beginnings are a revitalisation of your career – the area of life that brings you most fulfilment.

Then on the 18th there is a call to shine your light and bring Spirit into your life. The full moon is on the 24th bringing a dose of reality and a sense of duty. It also suggests need for a quiet time and greater self-control – remember the daily practice!

Once Mercury moves direct on the 25th is the moment to take action based on what you have explored during the previous three weeks.

If you would like help in knowing and being congruent with your purpose, then why not request a free strategy session? After sending us your completed questionnaire we will review it and confirm your booking.

Embrace the beginning

2016 is a universal 9 year, emphasising leadership through wisdom and stepping onto your path to experience and manifest your true purpose. A year of wealth, wisdom and leadership, a bumper year for all as we apply the Law of Non-Resistance.

Whilst also releasing age-old patterns and programming, we are making room for lasting wealth and deep fulfilment. Each of us will be given many opportunities to feel self-empowered this year.

In addition to nine being the number of endings and new beginnings, it is also the number of love.

Whether it is the birth of a new connection, a deepening of an existing bond, a healing of the past, or a rebirth of a new brand or business… in 2016 wealth comes naturally to those who feel a wealth of love and gratitude!

January is a 10/1 universal month – signifying new beginnings – perfect for the first month in the year! All month long there will be powerful opportunities to manifest quickly. The number of love and light guarantees rapid development and shifts.

Forthcoming Events

The first Shamanics in Portugal event for 2016 will be 'Discovering the Inner Realms...an Introduction to Shamanism' from 19th to 21st February. This will introduce the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides, power animals and much more on our experiential journey together.

There will be a half day 'Introduction to Shamanic Journeying', on the morning of 17th March followed in the afternoon by the first 'Vision Quest' of 2016 - 17th to 20th March.

If there is any aspect mentioned in this month's newsletter that you would like to learn more about, then please do feel free to contact us: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/contact/

In Summary

January´s energies are encouraging us to be open to allow the new to arrive, and taking action to embed it.
It provides moments to sit, be at peace and:

  • recognise the arrival of the new;
  • maintain your daily practice;
  • observe the messages your body is seeking to pass into your conscious awareness;
  • make conscious use of the Law of Non-Resistance to allow good to flow to you;
  • be aware of the opportunities of new beginnings, though not distracted by them; and
  • be open to co-creation and community, shining your light on all.

Until February´s new moon on the 8th reinforcing the new beginnings of January and marking the arrival of the year of the Monkey - the Monkey is more fun than the year of the sheep we will leave!

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Reece-Smith is a transformation coach, author, public figure and founder of http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com. Gregory's focus is on shifting the beliefs that limit individual’s lives and thus their world around them, including that of their organizations. Creating Harmony was founded to broaden the reach of this focus as real success only flows when beliefs no longer limit what is possible.

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organizations and with individuals. He conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to experience techniques to effect a shift and experience harmony. In December 2014 Divine Time Books published 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony'. This is available in both printed and electronic form from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry).

Whether helping an entrepreneur start to build his business or the chief executive of a large international one, Gregory has always been helping people to develop and grow, allowing them to understand the situation from ‘the outside in’ rather than necessarily the one they perceived from the inside out. Helping to shift their own views, building confidence so that they can take action to identify their own desires and start taking steps toward their achievement and so success.

Gregory states: "My passion is helping 'everyone' to do this, particularly those such as myself who focused on the desired achievement to the detriment of everything else! My purpose is not to help you to cope, rather helping you to transform your understanding and the way you view your life. Helping you to create harmony in your life. The Harmonising Times is published monthly to assist all in doing just that."

For more details about Gregory Reece-Smith's Awaken Transform Live events please visit: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/category/events/

For details about future events to be held in central Portugal with Shamanics in Portugal: http://shamanicsinportugal.com/