Welcome to Creating Harmony’s monthly email of indication. Our intention in this Harmonising Times is to provide our readers, friends and everyone else, with foresight as to the influences impacting all our lives as we move into the next phase of 2016. So helping each to Create their Life of Harmony by assisting each to take full responsibility for their life - the only person that can.

It seemed both spring and winter arrived in the northern hemisphere during February´s lunar cycle. The volume of water suggesting there was a great washing session underway. That said many we spoke to had become aware of the light of new beginnings, though not yet being bathed by its warmth, nor having clarity as the form.

This seemed particularly present with regard to new ventures and directions. They were still requiring energy, though not yet showing any return and being uncertain as to if and when it would manifest. The same being the case with regard to relationships and all the other aspects of our lives.

For those unwilling to acknowledge the signs and make a choice we heard of several wake-up calls! These came in various forms from a walking into a beam, falling down stairs, tripping over a straw bale to injuries from a chain saw. The intensity of the energy calling all to wake-up has also been evident in disrupted sleep patterns as well as needing more sleep so that the conscious mind did not continue with its distractions.

The next phase of 2016 commences with the solar and lunar eclipses of 9th March. Itself an action packed month. In many senses the point from which the year for Your Purpose will begin to be more visible. When the seeds we have each planted begin to appear.

Uncover your Purpose
On 5th March ended a period which began in January urging us all to allow the deep power of desire to appear within each of us. This required each to feel that desire rather than push it aside. For only then could we feel the voice of our desire - not a thinking desire, one we must feel. Even if initially we have no sense of what the desire may be, or have allowed ourselves to acknowledge.

Just before on 2nd March began a two week launch phase, encouraging us all to look under the hood of our own processes to enable us to feel the power of our purpose. What is it we are or will be offering in our service to all? This is the moment when the soul will need to join the mind in making the choice.

Our suggestion to assist in this is to go to a place where you are at peace and calm and then allow yourself to feel the nature of your choice for each path that is available. Have no pre-conceptions or expectations, simply feel the nature of the choice you make.

A Leap in the Dark
From 5th March until 27th May there is a call for each of us to expand our personal capacity as well as that of seeking to reach out to touch all. The flavour is of taking an active stand for what is right, whilst being in alignment with our own purpose. Combining the pursuit of social justice with the aim of expansion by all. Hence why feelings are important.

The total solar and new moon eclipses on 9th March are moments of rebirth - big shifts, major letting go and amazing new beginnings, A powerful squaring of Jupiter and Saturn makes this eclipse a memorable one regarding steady, calm and lasting implementation of desires and expansion. The impact will be felt from 6th to 11th March.

Major growth can happen when the moon “darkens” the light of the sun. Symbolically we learn to see in the dark by leaping into the unknown, the new (and generally improved) terrain, even if seemingly forced to do so by external events.

These eclipses are asking us all to resolve unfinished business, even though probably we do not know what it is! They will bring us into emotional connection with whatever is unfinished. In that way helping us to identify the patterns established around what is unfinished. Our suggestion is to check your assumptions which are creating this pattern.

Rarely is it possible for the individual to identify this for themselves as the pattern is too much part off us. This is where an experienced third party will speed the process as very often the facts and assumptions are hidden from ourselves. This phase ripples on to the September eclipse.
If you would like help in identifying your unfinished business, then why not request a free strategy session? After sending us your completed questionnaire we will review it and confirm your booking.

Creating Expansion
The days between the first eclipse and the second on 23rd March will call for each of us to develop respect and comfort with ourselves. For in doing so we will build our own capacities to expand. This is likely to highlight conflicts between our expectation to expand as rapidly as we desire, the need to integrate what has altered and our financial needs. A slower sustainable pace will assist each of us.

On 13th, 14th and 16th March it will feel as though a mini-mercury retrograde has arrived. So make sure you have backed up as all digital devices and control systems may experience difficulties.

On the 16th there is the first of a series of meetings between Jupiter and Pluto. This is a highly fortunate transit for manifesting abundance. You will have a strong urge to influence others as a leader, both spiritually and professionally. Your organisational abilities will allow you to achieve lasting success and wealth.

The lunar eclipse on 23rd March will invite us all into straight talking about the complexity we are all facing. Lunar eclipses allow us to see our shadow side… and though this can be challenging, the end result is that we have come face to face with the part of our nature that – made visible now – is allowing us to be set free.

The 23rd is also when Jupiter and Saturn begin a one-year transit ushering in many changes and allowing each of us to pierce through confusion. During this period we need to focus resolutely on pursuing our desires – knowing they will manifest with patience and perseverance.

The objective being that each of us brings into balance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Discovering your unfinished business and creating a compelling dream life filled with joy and fulfilment‏ are the themes of each Awaken Transform Live event.

The next one is at the wonderful country location in Roskilde, outside Copenhagen on 8/10th and 15/17th April, followed by another in the autumn on 28/30th October.
For more details and to take advantage of the early booking special, contact Arne at: altlysnu@hotmail.com.
Further dates and locations to be confirmed. For full details on further events visit: Forthcoming Events. Or, if you would like to host an event near you, please email us at: support@creatingharmonyinyourlife.com or use the contact form on the website: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/contact/

Or, if you feel the need for deep intense one-on-one coaching why not visit Gregory at his home in Portugal? The retreat is for two people with four days of consecutive one-on-one coaching sessions, plus a further three days to allow for integration. If unable to visit Portugal, Skype or similar is possible. The shift over four consecutive days of coaching is immensely visible. More details are to be found at Transform and Create.

The core of each event is about releasing the emotions and beliefs limiting our lives. Achieved through recognising all events are created to enable us to grow. Thereby allowing each of us to forgive ourselves and others for the words, actions and deeds we perceive. Thereby allowing each of us to expand.

The Ninth Law
The Law of Sacrifice is the ninth Universal Law – which as such is not about the attitude of mind “I have to make sacrifices”. Rather it is about letting go of something which no longer serves in order to allow something more desired to become present.

Which means if it is a true desire then it is easy to choose to let go of what no longer serves you. If there is resistance to making the choice, then is it a deeply felt desire or simply a nice to have?

Often we come across someone unwilling to sacrifice any discomfort they are experiencing in order to do whatever they know they desire to do. That is the sacrifice they need to make. Being prepared to sacrifice the immediate discomfort for the longer term benefit.

Whilst the Law of Increase indicates we all desire to grow as an individual, often what we desire is outside our comfort zone and we are not prepared to leave what we view as our safety zone. We prefer to stay inside our comfort zone despite its discomfort - so exercising our free will.
Our experience is that if you feel uncomfortable about the challenges you are facing then you are absolutely on course. This feeling is going to become more evident during 2016. So become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable for the only certainty in life is uncertainty. How else could the Law of Increase be applied?

For the very place where you most need to grow is where resistance will come up. If you have issues around money, it will come up as a money issue. If the issue is around making commitment to a relationship, that is where it will come up. If you have issues around being visible or communicating to an audience, that is where it will come up. It will come up exactly where you need to grow most at this moment.

Our suggestion is to therefore embrace the challenge, make the sacrifice and so allow yourself to grow. What you will need to sacrifice is struggling not to step outside of your comfort zone. That is how you will express your desire to grow.

Not through sacrificing your desires to benefit others. Why? Because if you sacrifice too much this breaches the Law of Compensation. So, anywhere you are sacrificing in such a way that it takes life away either from yourself or others, you are breaching this law.

We have all come across people who are not taking care of themselves, rather focusing on the needs of another or others. The imbalances created usually leading to pain and discomfort in some form.

More understanding is available in The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony – you can purchase your copy from anywhere in the world by visiting Amazon. The fourth secret is about how we stand in our power or sacrifice ourselves for others. The stomach and digestive system being key observers here.

March is a 12 universal month, the number of learning and waking up to your natural creative urges. As you step out and recognise new opportunities to grow, stay clear of drama and instead direct your emotional expression into creative writing, conversation, music and art.

Shamanics' Events
Discovering the Inner Realms... an Introduction to Shamanism received a high rating from its participants as they learned the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, and meeting their guides and power animals.

March is the first Vision Quest for 2016. On the morning of 17th March there will be a half day Introduction to Shamanic Journeying, followed in the afternoon by the Vision Quest – 17/20th March. The final ceremony on the Sunday will recognise that 20th March is the equinox.

The next Vision Quest is from 13/19th June during Wilderness and Questing, with the final Vision Quest for 2016 from 22nd to 25th September. (Space is always limited so feel free to contact us early to pre-book a place for the date that best suits you!)

A copy of Shamanics in Portugal´s All About Fire workbook will be provided to all who book, or you can obtain a downloadable copy as a FREE gift when you subscribe to The Earth Spirit Journal (Shamanics' regular Newsletter)

On 6/7th May will be Deepening your Shamanic Practice - The Healing Ways of the Shaman. This event is for those unsure how to develop their journeying practice. It is particularly for those seeking to use journeying to heal deeper issues. It will also focus on working with nature, understanding the guidance of the natural world. Understanding what are signs, symbols and omens.

The full list of events in 2016 is available by visiting the following link: http://shamanicsinportugal.com/category/forthcoming-events/
If there is any aspect you would like to learn more about, then please email us at: support@creatingharmonyinyourlife.com
Or us the contact form on the website: http://shamanicsinportugal.com/contact/

In Summary
March´s energies are encouraging us to be open to recognise the new opportunities to grow. Taking the action to do so, sacrificing what no longer serves in return for allowing yourself to grow. For which you will need to feel the creation of your desires.

It requires us all to open our hearts and:

  • use the launch period to the 16th to feel the power of your purpose;
  • feel into your choice you face and maintain your daily practice;
  • observe any signs of resistance as to unfinished business;
  • assess what you are prepared to sacrifice in return for something better; and
  • allow yourself to choose what it is you wish to learn and create.

Until the new moon on 7th April bringing the element of endings, combined with rebirth and courage.

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Reece-Smith is a transformation coach, author, public figure and founder of http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com. Gregory's focus is on shifting the beliefs that limit individual’s lives and thus their world around them, including that of their organizations. Creating Harmony was founded to broaden the reach of this focus as real success only flows when beliefs no longer limit what is possible.

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organizations and with individuals. He conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to experience techniques to effect a shift and experience harmony. In December 2014 Divine Time Books published 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony'. This is available in both printed and electronic form from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry).

Whether helping an entrepreneur start to build his business or the chief executive of a large international one, Gregory has always been helping people to develop and grow, allowing them to understand the situation from ‘the outside in’ rather than necessarily the one they perceived from the inside out. Helping to shift their own views, building confidence so that they can take action to identify their own desires and start taking steps toward their achievement and so success.

Gregory states: "My passion is helping 'everyone' to do this, particularly those such as myself who focused on the desired achievement to the detriment of everything else! My purpose is not to help you to cope, rather helping you to transform your understanding and the way you view your life. Helping you to create harmony in your life. The Harmonising Times is published monthly to assist all in doing just that."

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