Welcome to Creating Harmony’s email of indication. Our intention in this Harmonising Times is to provide our readers, friends and everyone else with foresight as to the influences impacting all our lives as we move through the next phase of 2016. So helping each to Create their Life of Harmony, which flows from stating your own desires.

As you will have read in previous editions, there is a lot taking place energetically at the moment, well the whole year in fact! May is no exception.

All the planetary alignments seem to be pushing us to take action, rearrange our life, perhaps take a step backwards and examine what we have accomplished thus far, preparing for the coming leap. Preparing for tremendous changes coming our way. Invoking our core essence and heart’s desire. Making changes is the ongoing theme for the next several months.

April seemed altogether calmer than March, yet it had its own intensity. Once again we heard from many – "I thought I had addressed that ... ago!" Yes, though what is appearing is a more subtle, often deeper version.

No matter whether from this or another life, the emotion in being felt is indicating its desire to be recognised. Rather than rejecting or ignoring it, ask "what kind of friend am I being to the emotion?"

Remember a definition of victimhood is "I am not going to change until the other does first." Is it more loving to hold on to being the victim or to initiate transformation?
My suggestion is rather than holding on to being the victim, ask yourself "what kind of my friend I am being to e.g. fear?" ...For it is often 'fear of change' which means we hold on to being the victim.

Our task is to accept and how you view and feel it. Rather than rejecting the fear, give yourself permission to feel both love and denser emotions such as fear.

In this way you will feel your own innocence, your essence. Tasting its beauty as we accept we know we are all we need. Then we are no longer separate from our innocence, so we do not need to seek something elsewhere.

If you would like help in identifying your unfinished business, then why not request a free strategy session? After sending us your completed questionnaire we will review it and confirm your booking.

Make a Friend of Your...

May builds on April, moving us all further from many of the old traditions and ways. Allowing greater acceptance of what we need is to only know our self.

Each of us is preparing for our new. An easier step to take when we are in a state of being rather than doing. The suggestion is rather than push it away, seek to be a friend to whatever puts you out of alignment. Even those we have been "told" to consider negative. Recognition is often all that is needed to release any pain and dis-comfort.

May continues the push for each of us to accept evolution into new directions and dimensions. The resistance we have all shown to doing so is going to appear in many forms, depending on how we act rather than react as we have done previously.

This wake up/shake up, breakdown/breakthrough energy is playing out in relationships, financial situations, our values and all aspects of our life.

For instance many clients report moments of anger arising for none of the usual reasons. This is a symptom of wanting us to make our choice now! Boiling over with the intensity of our passion as we seek to identify the roots of the patterns restraining each of us.

That said it is not a moment to act impulsively or restlessly or to react out of anger - instead rein it in, bring balance into your life. It is from this that harmony will appear.

For others it has been a sense of losing their connection, when in fact what is underway is integration before the step to the next tier.

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Floating Along

Have you ever noticed how you can float on your back in water when you are feeling relaxed? However, as soon as you tense up you start to sink.

Life is the same. When relaxed, or centred we are at ease with its ebbs and flows. When following our purpose we notice signs and reassuring coincidences that affirm we are in alignment with our intention.

So what takes us off course? It is often not a major blow, rather a series of small habits that cause contraction and tension. Rigid ways of thinking and reacting mean we lose our ability to adapt in a calm centred manner.

We contract our energy when we judge our self and others, when we decide that we have failed or life is simply not working out because what we expected has not manifested or we did not imagine as it turns out to be.  We lose faith in our vision because the route involves lessons we did not expect.
The greatest contractor of them all is fear. It affects our ability to be in the flow which is vital if we are to weather the storms and occasional tsunamis that life sends our way. After all we are all here to gain experience, and how else is that going to be achieved?

Whilst this period of turbulence is not yet over, opportunities are there if we allow ourselves to see them. What is important is to listen to your intuition, take great care of your body, by giving it much needed rest and healthy nutrition when prompted to do so, drinking plenty of liquids. In particular paying attention to your liver and gallbladder as well as your digestive system - a recurring theme for clients.

This is more than clearing and cleansing, this is about standing in your power – Secret #4 in The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony – (you can purchase your copy from anywhere in the world by clicking on the title.)

Five Big Pushes

When May´s new moon rises on the 6th we will still be experiencing the rare celestial passage of five planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto and Mercury) being retrograde at once.
Each of these retrogrades has a different push. Jupiter is encouraging us to go deeper into our vision. Saturn is asking us to use problems we face as creative catalysts to address adversity.

Mars is seeking us to slow down our impulse to act, rather be more connected to our desire. Offering what is true. Pluto desires us to tell the truth, in a definitive manner.

Then there is Mercury. Before it went retrograde on 28th April we certainly experienced computer/communication challenges for the last part of the shadow period leading into the retrograde. It goes direct on the 22nd, giving us these weeks to review our purpose, and check - am I living congruently in all aspects of my life? Asking what is most valuable to me in my life? How do we communicate our values and so offer them to others?

The Push to just be Yourself

This new moon signifies double new beginnings. So once more we have a moment of letting go to make way for the new. Another moment to start afresh and move forward with clarity and energy.

This is also a good period to facilitate a purposeful business. In particular to build your legitimacy, basing it on your values – answering the question "does my life communicate what I say and value"? This emphasis continues until September.

On 9th May Mercury transits across the sun. This planetary eclipse symbolises your mind seeing the messages that were previously hidden in the dark. This sudden clarity about beliefs flowing from fixed mind set and patterning can bring forth AHA moments! Use May´s energy to listen carefully to the message and its deeper communication.

The transit also boosts the capacity for expansion. Then between the 10th and 14th there is a grand trine of three planets. The focus of which is for all to be in touch with their experience, connected to our values. A moment to create plans for future projects which support our stated desires.

The full moon arrives on the 21st. This one stokes our idealism, in a way that brings into centre our own sense of ethics and values. A moment to create our vision and make a fresh start if that is what is needed.

Until the 24th each of us is being questioned as to the ways we earn our living. Whilst at the same time there is an emphasis on sensual pleasure – are we doing what we really desire? Each of us needs to accept our own legitimacy.

The final push of May happens on the 28th when Jupiter and Saturn square each other. Meaning welcome all changes, be patient and diligent. Focus resolutely on pursuing your desires - they will manifest with patience and perseverance. Take time to be alone. This is the beginning of a one-year transit ushering in many changes and allowing you to pierce through confusion. Be focused and vigilantly present so wisdom and patience guide your way to the wealth you desire.

We are therefore being presented with further moments in which to choose self-responsibility or remain in the patterns of denial. And, why so many are questioning what they thought or were told was "their purpose."
One way to do so is regularly ask yourself the following questions. You can ask them in a general way, as though directing them to the Universe for response, then paying attention to what shows up. You can ask them before going to sleep.

Asking sets in motion a response. The questions are:

  • What is it I am not seeing that is in the way of my fulfilling my purpose?
  • What key belief or pattern needs to change before I can take my next big step?
  • How can I be more loving and kind - to myself and others?

Insights from these three key questions can open up a vast reservoir of abundance. As you begin to act on them, miracles can unfold.

Creating your Desires

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The Eleventh Law

The eleventh Universal Law, the Law of Success in essence states man is made for progress. Every man contains within himself the capacity for endless development. Evolution and expansion has endless potential.

We desire to grow because we have this desire to expand, to reach that potential. Raymond Holliwell in Working with the Law, Eleven Truth Principles of Successful Living states "Infinite resources are at man’s disposal." It is simply a matter of knowing how. "Do you wish to succeed," he writes. "If you wish to succeed, you can. You possess all the essential within yourself."

He continues "The Law of Success is as definite as the laws of any size. The exact use of this law will produce result every time – every time. What you imagine to yourself as success can be reached. The law never blunders. What she idealizes, she has the power to actualize. What she imagines in your mind, she has the power to produce materially. She ever seeks to build you up in your power and success. That is her plan for you."

So, when you have a heart felt desire, that is Source, God etc. working through you. And if you desire that, if you wish success, you can.

What is your meaning of the word 'success'? To most people success is viewed as in a high state of worldly prosperity. To others it is realisation of personal hope or fulfilment or heart’s desire. For more it is achievement of their ambition or the performance of great deeds.

"Real success, however, is something more than this. We do not define it in terms of money, position, fame or wealth although it may include those. True, genuine success of the largest kind lies in the results obtained, harvest reaped and distributed so that our fellow beings at large are benefited and the world enriched. The term success will be interpreted in a more individual sense as meaning personal advancement and increase."

"Success is your individual personal advancement and increase. You succeed when you desire to personally advance yourself, to grow yourself."

Holliwell also addresses failure. In essence setting out that all failure has a purpose and that the bigger the failure, will lead to a bigger success. The more you are willing to fail, the bigger your success will be when it comes.

The only occasion we truly fail is when you give up. Read the stories of any successful person and you will find it is from their failures success has emerged.

Each success enables you to build the base to move to the next one. To quote Holliwell again "Obstacles are there to serve as an opportunity to call up our latent powers…. They draw us out and make us strong. They lead us to the goal we have in view."

The advice is to focus on the outcome, not the obstacle! To quote from Holliwell on the Law of Obedience - "Thousands today are held in bondage to the idea that they must be helped by others, that they must have relief. Their greatest need is not your help or mine so much as it is a new understanding of life itself."

Which means for those of you considering your purposeful business, take action yourself to initiate its creation. Do not wait for others to provide you with help. This is the same as the definition of victimhood mentioned at the start of this edition.


May is a 14 Universal month. As such it brings changes, situations that require quick decisions, ideas that invite exploration and moments of shifts that take you into new dimensions. Overall it enables each of us to communicate our message at a deeper level, meaning all our actions and words must be authentic, expressing our own values.

So, welcome each experience as a gift and you navigate the rapidly shifting energies without losing your balance.

As a reminder, if you feel blocked, you can surrender to the quiet time, rather than resisting it, fighting it or judging it. To say you are blocked is to create more "blockage." So let it go and let it be. Befriend it and be gentle and loving with yourself.

Shamanics' Events

NEW - To accommodate an increasing number of people expressing interest in Questing, a list is now available to indicate preferred dates. Those on the list will then be notified of when the next Quest is being held.

Timing with the new moon, on 6/7th May there will be Deepening your Shamanic Practice – The Healing Ways of the Shaman. This event is for those seeking to develop their journeying practice. It is particularly for those wishing to use journeying to heal deeper issues. It will also focus on working with nature, understanding the guidance of the natural world. Understanding what are signs, symbols and omens.

The next Vision Quest is from 13/19th June during Wilderness and Questing. Being alone in the Wilderness has long been part of ritual handed down and still practiced in different forms by many peoples throughout the world today. It provides the means to step from where you are in your life, to where you want to be, to what you desire to change, to find answers you have found hard to discover in today´s busy world.

The first two days will be spent learning about what the wilderness has to offer. What can be found amongst its magical rocks, trees and river. And, then how can this be adapted for your use. Specifically for the Vision Quest starting on the Thursday.

From 16/17th July there is Working with the Ancestors. This event is for those seeking to be free from the limitations of your family lineage. It requires experience of journeying.

Currently the final Vision Quest for 2016 is planned from 22nd to 25th September. There will be a half day Introduction to Shamanic Journeying, on the morning of 22nd September followed in the afternoon by the next Vision Quest – 22nd to 25th September.

A copy of Shamanics in Portugal´s All About Fire workbook will be provided to all who book, or you can download one Free now as a valued subscriber.

The full list of events is available by visiting this link: Forthcoming Shamanic Courses and Events

If there is any aspect you would like to learn more about, then please email us via: http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/contact/

In Summary

May´s shifts are taking us further into recognising the next few months are going to provide us with quite an assortment of energies supporting us to move some BIG things out of our way. So clearing the path to our new life and purpose…in some pretty permanent ways. Ways that will serve to finally reveal our true nature.

Which means each of us allowing ourselves to feel and state our true desires. We are being given an opportunity to review and release, remove, reset, restructure, resurrect before we move into the second half of 2016.

This is a clearing the decks of the highest order. It is also a cyclical process as the deeper we descend into our bodies, the more we discover. Which in turns prompts us to let go of more stuff, to eliminate more excess and so simplify our lives.

  • use the pushing energies throughout May to determine what is to be cleared;
  • review your understanding of your purpose;
  • continue to observe any signs of resistance as to the cycle of going deeper;
  • be the witness to any emotions which appear and befriend them; and
  • be aware of how to state your desire for success and create it.

Until the new moon on 5th June bringing once again the element of endings, combined with new beginnings to communicate your message to a deeper level.

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Reece-Smith is a transformation coach, author, public figure and founder of http://www.creatingharmonyinyourlife.com. Gregory's focus is on shifting the beliefs that limit individual’s lives and thus their world around them, including that of their organizations. Creating Harmony was founded to broaden the reach of this focus as real success only flows when beliefs no longer limit what is possible.

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organizations and with individuals. He conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to experience techniques to effect a shift and experience harmony. In December 2014 Divine Time Books published 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony'. This is available in both printed and electronic form from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry).

Whether helping an entrepreneur start to build his business or the chief executive of a large international one, Gregory has always been helping people to develop and grow, allowing them to understand the situation from ‘the outside in’ rather than necessarily the one they perceived from the inside out. Helping to shift their own views, building confidence so that they can take action to identify their own desires and start taking steps toward their achievement and so success.

Gregory states: "My passion is helping 'everyone' to do this, particularly those such as myself who focused on the desired achievement to the detriment of everything else! My purpose is not to help you to cope, rather helping you to transform your understanding and the way you view your life. Helping you to create harmony in your life. The Harmonising Times is published monthly to assist all in doing just that."

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