The world needs forgiveness as much as it needs peace, and without it we remain chained to the past, our hurts and our story. But what is exactly is forgiveness and how do we activate it in our consciousness?

Let’s start with what it is not. Forgiveness is not a warm fuzzy where you kiss and make up and pretend that everything is now okay. It is not an attempt to minimise what has happened. It is not a matter of just getting on with life and putting it all behind you as you suppress your real feelings, and it is not a matter of acting tough and pretending that you have not been hurt.

Forgiveness is an act of Grace working in your life. It is beyond the capacity of the personal ego which is focused on survival and can only react from a position of need. In forgiveness we transcend our instincts and open up a channel for the Soul to flow through our lives.

As long as you are thinking something like, “you did (are doing) this to me,” or “my life is not working because of what you did,” or “this has ruined my life,” then your spirit is held captive and there is need for forgiveness. If you are struggling in any area of life and feel it is all rather hard, or hold negative thoughts about anyone or anything, then there may be a need for forgiveness. As long as you feel bound in any way then there is a need for forgiveness.

Forgiveness rests on the acknowledgement that we may be shaped by our past but we are not defined by it. No matter what we have been through, or going through at present, there is a dimension to us that is not touched by any of it. Freedom already exists as the Soul but it may be lost, clouded and held captive.

Then there is the realisation that holding on achieves nothing, but simply deepens and prolongs our own suffering, and the suffering of all those we touch in life. The personality can feel justified in remaining angry or resentful, and in so doing blinds itself to its deep suffering.

As the grace of forgiveness flows that tight knot of suffering starts to loosen and letting go gradually becomes possible. Letting go is a sure sign that the grace of forgiveness is starting to flow. But it is not something we do. Letting go and forgiveness happen to us when we are humbly prepared for them.

In humility we may start to acknowledge that we are all tarred with the same brush and that maybe we have inflicted as much hurt in life as those whom we are blaming. The real work in preparing for the grace of forgiveness is to turn our attention inward and ask to be shown our true state of heart. While we hold on to our “justified” anger and resentment our heart is poisoned and sick, and is infecting all of our world. Despite all our self righteousness we need to humbly acknowledge this may be our true state, which is not pretty at all. Can we find the courage and honesty to pray, “Lord be merciful to me a sinner.”

Real forgiveness is the recognition that today I can be who and what I want and I no longer need to blame anyone or anything for my life today. Even though I may not like what happened I no longer need to hold you responsible for my life today. In this present moment I have all the opportunities and gifts I need for fulfillment and the only thing that will hold me captive is holding on to blame and judgement. I can set us both free by letting go of blame, anger and judgement and I can do this by acknowledging that I am not bound by the past.

The challenging truth is that if there is anything not right in your life then there is a need for forgiveness at some level. And remember one of the most important people we all need to forgive is our self. How many are blighted by self judgement and feelings of guilt? There is such a need for the healing oil of forgiveness.

In your meditations or quiet moments humbly ask to be shown where your heart may still be hardened by a lack of forgiveness and then ask for its grace to flow into your mind, heart and life. And know that it flows from the Heart of the Divine. You cannot command or demand it. The best you can do is prepare yourself for it, especially through the humble honest acknowledgement of your own need for forgiveness. Then it will flow in its own time.

Be patient and gentle with yourself and your world. It is all such a precious gift and we are made for so much more than all the dramas that the ego gets caught up in. Through deep forgiveness you will set yourself free to dance in the field of life.

Author's Bio: 

Clement McGrath brings 32 years of coaching and mentoring experience and a wealth of knowledge to his work. Clement has worked in a variety of roles that have all involved supporting people to reach their full potential and live the life of their dreams.

He conducts his own private practice, has facilitated youth work in a non-profit organisation, has been a contracted provider to a major government department, and director of Life Coach Associates since 2001.

After facilitating Life Coach Associates coach training program for 10 years, he recently stepped aside from that position to focus on creating a variety of programmes that are more accessible to a wider audience. These include, “Relationship Rescue,” “How to Harness Your Yes Power,” “How to Increase Your Energy and Achieve More,” “Find Your voice: How to Communicate Confidently and Effectively,” and “Awakening to Infinity: A Course in Self Realisation.”

He is available for private consultations and public speaking, and can create customised programmes to address the specific needs of groups and organisations.

Clement is a qualified Breath Therapist, and has studied extensively in the areas of ‘Effective Communication,’ ‘Human Creativity,’ ‘Principles of Peak Performance and Success,’ and ‘Mythology and its Modern Applications.’

He has co-authored the book, “The Way to Freedom,” and is currently completing a book on healthy fulfilling relationships that he intends to have published in 2015.

Clement lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, with his partner Heather Fletcher.
Contacts for Clement are:
0064 3 355 2297
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