Greetings you Spring lovers. This poem is dedicated to all those who are hurting during this season. Specially remembering those in Japan who are faced with so much loss, and those who are fighting the world with harsh weapons. The lack of love and the abundance of hate to me is very disturbing, and today I pray for them who have lost the joy and the simplicity of life; due to the wages of war or the ravages of nature. All blessings to them today.

The healing of the “Hurting Heart”

Does it hurt to sing?
When spring comes in..
Painting the world with gentle color,
Love me love me, gentle lover.
and touch those hearts that are broken,
For this season is a lovers token.

Dance now in your heart,
Even though sometimes the light of love
eludes you.
It is not far apart,
Only hiding to welcome you in it’s arms,
and caress you with it’s dainty little charms.
So try and let your heart sing.
and welcome the tender love of spring.

I know how hard it must feel
If your lover is gone
Or your heart is torn,
Like a little wounded bird you will fly
High in the open sky,
But don’t run away,
Don’t cry
For love will find you.
In the light of dawn
and love you once more, till your pain is gone.

For to me there is much healing
Much revealing of love this season.
and let it reign without much reason.
and as the colors of gentle hue
paint your soul with all it’s dew.
Sing again with the gentle breeze
For your lover will see
The beautiful you
the wonderful me.
and with the singing of your heart
a new day is born
and with the dawn of spring.
Don’t cry
But let your heart, just once more

Written and composed by Dilani Diva

Author's Bio: 

Dilani Diva is a spiritual Psychic and a spiritual Guru. She has been helping many through her gifts of channelling for many years. Dilani focusses on The lives of people and their personal development. Wether is be Love, or Life or Personal Power. She Channels in with her guide to give us spiritual guidance and messages. Her focus is the development of each ones spiritual journey. Dilani also predicts for the future. However the future depends on each one's path and so she provides insights for one's achievements. To learn more about this mystical eastern Psychic visit her website and spiritual studio at
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