A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine called Wain, and this was a deep conversation. However, this was a conversation that was far deeper than usual and I ended up thinking about what we spoke about.

I won’t go too far into what we spoke about as I sure that he will want to talk about this when the time is right, but I will touch upon the general theme. This was a time when he spoke about the relationship that we have with everything.

A Few Things

He asked me what my relationship was like with my left hand and how I felt about this part of my body. After this, he went onto to say about the relationship that we have with the sun and the wind.

What this was all about was how everything is connected and that nothing is truly inanimate. By thinking about all this, it emphasised how powerful our thoughts and feelings were, along with our beliefs.

Many Sources

I ended up talking about the relationship what we have with nature and how this can be a source of love and nurturance. I said these are things that we often look towards other people to provide and one person in particular.

Over the years, I have gone for a number runs and walks through woods and the country side, so I know how good it can be to be in nature. When I have gone for a run, I haven’t really been able to take it all in, but this hasn’t been the case when I have been for a walk.

Embracing the Moment

The main difference is that when I go for a run, I have music in my ears and I’m in doing mode. Yet, when I go for a walk, my mind is not being stimulated by music and I can just be.

When I have finished my walk and gone back home, I usually feel as though I have received something. I feel calmer, more connected to myself and the world around me, and grateful for what I have experienced.

A Powerful Experience

Since I have had these kinds of conversations with Wain, been reading a book called ‘E-Squared’, and felt more at peace within myself, among other things, I have experienced an even deeper connection to nature. What brought this to my attention was how I felt when I walked past a wooded area the other day.

As soon as I got close by, it was as though I had just come into contact with an old friend who I felt completely at ease with and who I loved dearly. I felt really good and it was as though I had a deep connection with the tress.

Another Moment

Shortly after this, I went out when it had been snowing, and this was an incredible experience. Even though it was cold, what instantly stood out was how peaceful it was.

I walked through the country lanes and then I walked through the woods; it was a very nurturing experience. Part of me feels sad that it’s over and wants to go through the whole experience all over again, and this shows that my mind formed an attachment to this moment.

Final Thoughts

There is the chance that a number people would think I’m crazy after reading this and wonder how something like this can take place. After all, it is only possible to have these kinds of experience with another human being, right!?

I would say that this comes back to how disconnected so many people are in the world. If someone lives in their head and is out of touch with their body, it is going to stop them from being able to deeply connect to ‘mother’ earth; the earth, like their body, can be seen as just another thing that needs to be controlled.
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