What are electrical plates?

Power plates are vibrating machines that exercise throughout the body, resulting in increased muscle strength, weight loss, toning and overall health and wellness benefits. When you stop at the machine, it vibrates in 3 different directions and to stay in the machine, the body subconsciously almost continuously gathers the muscles to correct the imbalance and works almost every muscle in your body. There are several different brands on the market as this type of training is growing in popularity for several reasons.

What are the benefits?

It is a quick workout for the whole body

It has been claimed that just 10 minutes on a personal power plate is equivalent to traditional one hour strenuous physical exercise. This will mean that you perform several recommended exercises while on the machine, stimulating a variety of muscle groups. Certainly, you can reduce the time you need to train and complete a total fitness workout in less than half an hour.

Benefits of weight loss

Several studies have shown that electric plates can be very effective at losing weight when used regularly, much more than when using conventional fitness equipment. It is believed that using the machine can break down fat cells and improve metabolism, strength, flexibility and circulation. And since the machines have low loads, they can be used for all ages and for those who may have joint problems during medical treatment as the machines can be used to strengthen muscles and help joint problems.

Medical applications

Some medical benefits are already mentioned here. Electroplating machines are classified as medical devices and as such have medical certification in Europe. Research has shown that not only can they help with weight loss and joint problems, but they also have the potential to improve bone mineral density and increase muscle strength. This can lead to increased blood flow, which improves the body's ability to carry oxygen and nutrients through the body.

Power plates definitely have something to offer both the fitness world and the medical world. As their use has grown in both fields, their various benefits have become more apparent and are becoming widely used. A combination of the increasing pressure on our time and the growing evidence of the health benefits of these machines apparently make it a piece of medical and fitness equipment here to stay.

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Power plates are vibrating machines that exercise throughout the body, resulting in increased muscle strength, weight loss.