Some people prefer these ways :

1. Have any split ends you might have trimmed off. No matter what a product claims, nothing will repair split ends except a trim. If split ends are left uncut they'll still split farther up the shaft and damage more of your hair. Get rid of them to maintain the harm to a minimum.

2. For moderately damaged hair, find a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Choose products especially for dry/damaged hair.

3. Try shampooing your hair less. Washing your hair every single day can strip natural oils that help protect the hair and ensure that it stays feeling and looking healthy. Try washing your hair every second or third day to keep a natural moisture balance.

4. Use products like a proteinizer and reconstructor if you have extremely dry hair. The proteinizer will strengthen your hair while the reconstructor will work on a molecular level to replace what your hair is missing.

5. Try using styling products with added shine enhancers, such as silicone. They will give your hair sheen and help protect each strand against the harm to heated styling tools, for example blow driers and flat irons.

6. Give your hair a rest from the heat. Use styling tools such as blow driers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers sparingly. Whenever possible let your hair air dry either completely or most of the way in support of blow dry to complete from the drying process. Try using your flat iron or hot rollers only every second or third day, which is easier if you do not wash your hair everyday. Just edit in the morning rather than dealing with your whole styling routine.

7. When you finish styling your hair, spray on the shine spray product to combat dull hair. You will simply need 2 to 3 quick shots, so this product will last a long time.

8. Regular trims are a must. Visit your stylist every four to six weeks to have the very ends trimmed to prevent your hair's ends splitting.

9. In case your hair continues to be looking dry and dull, try having a semi-permanent hair color applied by your stylist. These colors are ammonia free and won't damage your hair. They just coat the hair shaft, making them appear smoother and shinier. A darker hair color may also make hair appear healthier.

10. Don't want a new color but what are the shine? Go for a glossing instead. This clear coat for the hair will give you the shine and smoothness of a color but won't change your natural hair color one bit.

11. Be great for your hair. Obviously it got damaged somehow so avoid a repeat performance. Avoid too many chemical processes, such as colors and perms, and steer clear of other hair wreckers such as chlorine, sun and tight elastic bands. Change to semi-permanent colors, laid off the perms for a while and cover up your hair when in the sun or pool.

12. To prevent further damage from heat styling, try wearing your hair inside a low pony tail or chignon bun.

13. Avoid elastic bands completely. These cause breakage in your hair. Opt for soft pony tail holders instead.

For some reason, it seems rather difficult for most people to perform, but you don't worry because there are more creative methods to do it.

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