You think of exercise and a shudder because you love the laid back and lazy lifestyle, but you think yourself, is it benefitting you in anyways. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that circulates through the blood stream and can be found in all your bodily cells, most of it is made by the body in the liver and while the rest we get from the food we eat. High cholesterol has gained a bad reputation so you must realize that how to avoid it and eliminate the issue completely from your life. There are various most important reasons that cause high blood cholesterol one is the heredity where your genes can influence your LDL by affecting how fast it is made and removed from your blood. Seconds is the weight factor and if you are overweight try losing some pounds it helps in lowering the triglycerides and high cholesterol. Thirdly the level of cholesterol is deeply affected by what you eat and you reduce it by cutting down the amount of saturated fat (animal fat and dairy products). Fourthly it is the age and sex and fifth is stress because people are under stress as under nerve-racking circumstances his behavior is affected and it prone to alcohol, smoking.

There are various side effects of high cholesterol and attacks the different organs of the human body and the most worsening situation is the blockage of the arteries. As plagues are formed in the arteries bodies literally cease to function particularly when the impact goes higher, other spin offs are the increasing risk for heart attack, high blood pressure, and irregular heart rhythm. According to the World Health Organization it has been estimated that every year over 12% of the death are caused as a result of ischemic heart disease. There are some common symptoms of heart attack this includes the chest pain, which can be felt in the left arm or jaw, sweating profusely and sense of impending death but sometimes the symptoms is of only heart burn and nausea. But people tend to give concern to these issues and refuse to seek medical help, but it is advisable to the patients who are patients of heart attack to consult the doctor immediately if they feel anything unusual in the upper of the body and those who have a family history of heart attack should always be alert and careful and get the regular screening for the coronary artery disease.

It is almost common to find at least one patient in one household so in order to save your dear ones you immediately would be eager to consult the professional and caring heart center who cater to your needs. The cares for the cardiovascular disease have become very advanced with specialist heart centers and we carry out all cardiac and neuro surgeries. We have the experience in treating the heart problems in our heart center that matters with complex cases and when it comes to rescue the life of someone we are always there to help you with the state technology and experienced doctors. So if you are facing any problem you can get in touch with the best heart center in Singapore that can aid you to get rid from all aspects of heart and vascular diseases.

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You don’t have to feel anxious if you have high cholesterol, you can visit a heart center to keep yourself away from the risk of heart attack.