It’s a new dawn in the United States as medical marijuana has become legalized for various uses. The green revolution has begun and everyone is rushing to cash in on the opportunity and wealth the industry has got to offer. People from all industries and interests such as entrepreneurs, healers, lawmakers, scientists, doctors, activists and artistes have dived right in with different intentions.

In the course of writing this article, I interviewed a few industry experts one of which is Ruben Cross from KushyPunch. Ruben wasted no time in making it clear that hemp has come to make a change in the lives of patients especially the ones who cannot put up with the many side effects of pharmaceutical products. In his words “With cannabis we are waging war on the pharmaceutical companies - our patients are dropping the pills that leave them empty and helpless for our cannabis gummies that bring them back to balance. We get testimonials on a weekly basis of people curing themselves with CBD - THC and other cannabinoids found in these wonderful medical plants.”

Who Will Benefit from This War?

Clearly, the patients, and people who have to deal with work stress daily. For the first time in a very long time, people suffering from stress – and other health conditions cannabis can cure – actually have before their eyes many impressive alternatives to choose from. Interestingly, when patients win, everyone in the hemp supply chain wins – from its farmers to its processing companies.

But beyond this, going green appears to have a very profound impact on mother earth. The first observable benefit of using hemp plant extracts as medicine is the fact that it will promote the growing of more of these plants. By extension, this promotes a greener, safer world for everyone.


Mr. Cross went further to say “We see hemp as a method of keeping the planet alive - You can grow a field of hemp in one year and use the buds for medicine, and the stalk to make anything you can usually make from wood and plastic - the two main factors for greenhouse gases - cutting down forests and drilling for oil to make plastic products. Having worked with Hemp for some time now we realized we can live on this planet in harmony with nature.”

Talking about who benefits from CBD(also known as cannabidiol), it is important to note that the substance is not new to workplaces. Some users of the substance admit that it helps them handle work stress; hence it makes perfect sense for them to come to work with CBD hemp oil or CBD capsules.

But while an increasing number of people, even corporate executives are currently enjoying CBD benefits, the substance is still grossly misunderstood by many people. This “fear” of the substance can be traced to people not knowing the difference between THC and CBD as potential users fear it will get them high. But will it?


There is no need to commence an analysis of the biochemistry of CBD and of how it differs from THC structurally and functionally. Clearly, the big difference between THC and CBD is the fact that, CBD – unlike THC – is not associated with any psychoactive effects. This is the one reason cannabis containing CBD is being accepted as a feasible treatment for ailments such as seizures, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety etc.In some countries like Canada where cannabis is being used, all license producers of cannabis are mandated to label their products with CBD and THC levels it contains.

Interestingly, some companies give their customers whichever cannabinoid product they want. For instance, KushyPunch makes THC gummies for the Californian market and plans to expand to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado; perhaps even morestates. The same company also makes, sells and ships CBD products nationwide through her online platform, KushyCBD.

How Can Potential Users Buy CBD Products?

Government has chosen 18 as the minimum legal age for cannabis consumption, with a plant per household maximum number of four (4). The distribution and regulations surrounding the use of cannabis will be depending on the state or province you live in. While some would restrict the use of cannabis to the confinement of your home,some other states would allow it anywhere cigarette smoking is allowed with exceptions to playgrounds and sport fields.

Again, weed ediblescan now be purchased easily and almost at any time. The many THC and CBD companies in the United States and their many stores guarantee that. California’s KushyPunch alone has over 1,200 stores selling THC gummies scattered in the state. Also, anyone of legal age can also order edibles online without medical card and have it delivered to their doorsteps – there are POS and delivery softwares designed to that effect.

Last Thoughts

So far, everything looks green for the medical cannabis industry, particularly CBD products. More entrepreneurs are considering the marijuana boom and everything looks pretty good. Will the big pharma's fight hemp companies who are actually providing alternatives that have little or no side effects pharmaceuticals are known for? We will find out. But I think the common good of our planet is what matters most here. As Mr Cross would always say “If I ruled the world I would make it a world holiday to plant a tree and make sure it grows. Imagine every time a human had a child they HAD to plant a tree and nurture the tree like they do with their child - how long until the planet heals?”

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