The world wide web, like real life, is so enormous that it will take your life for life in every nook and cranny. To bring this fact together, by the time your work was done, it was possible to create and update more content that had to start over. All this is well known, but how many of you know that the content you usually encounter on the web is almost never a huge piece of icy information?

The hidden wiki

The hidden wiki It is the hub of the deep web, and the best starting point for newcomers, here you can find lists of other hidden networks and links to black market goods and financial services, file hosts, blogs, forums, political groups, and whistleblowing boards.

Very similar to the well-known Wikipedia network on the surface internet with a difference in the nature of the content, and anyone can edit it anonymously after registering on the site, and it is not subject to any censorship of any kind, its first appearance was in 2007, and it provides addresses for thousands of sites on the dark network.

Dealing with hidden Wikipedia does not differ much from dealing with surface Wikipedia, through the internal search engine, the required pages can be accessed using keywords, and the anonymous website management provides quick links on its home page to topics of interest to the followers of the dark internet, specifically related to criminal activities and Bitcoin transactions.

The surface web

Before we get acquainted with the deep and dark web, let's look at the Surface Web, the regular web, which can be defined as including any website that can be indexed by well-known search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Search engines work in a very simple way, as all you do is visit a specific site, such as the site of the " " newspaper, for example, and start clicking on all the links on the main page to reach the various article pages and get to know their content and then index them. This method is very useful for identifying the internal pages of the site and discovering new content, but what if there are no links to these internal pages? Here it is clear that this technique that is based on clicking on links also wastes huge amounts of content, so let's go a little deeper to know the type of content that has been missed by the search engines.

Deep Web

If the correct definition of a surface web is the network of websites that search engines can find, then the best definition of a deep web is those websites that search engines cannot find.

The dark web

Now that we know the surface web that search engines can access and the deep web that search engines cannot access, we now come to the Dark Web. Dark Web sites can be defined as a small part of the "deep web" that is hidden intentionally and cannot be accessed through popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Tor links

The TOR network is the most popular network on the dark web. It is an anonymous network that can only be accessed through a special web browser called Tor links. This network was originally developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory and its main goal was to protect government communications.

Although the lofty goal of this network, which provides us as users with personal freedom and complete privacy, the use of the Internet without fully disclosing the identity of the user makes it a tempting platform for those who want to use it in illegal activities.

For this, the Dark Web has become that part of the Internet that is widely known for illegal activities, as it is not possible to know the identity or location of the person using the Tor browser, nor can his steps be traced nor the sites he visited. For example, criminals can buy or sell internationally prohibited drugs or weapons by using cryptocurrencies on these sites in a way that makes tracking them by governments and security agencies almost impossible.

How to access the dark web?

Conventional browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge cannot access websites on the Tor network. Accessing it requires downloading and installing a special browser known as the TOR Browser.

After installation, you can explore the dark web by using the hidden wiki, in which you find many links to sites on the Tor network divided into subcategories to facilitate the search and navigation between these sites.

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