Here is one of the limited beliefs that can block you from working with the source.

The higher the distance means the farther away from me.

I think this is quite a definite belief in our sub-conscious mind while we always apply the belief above to this physical plane, the third dimensional world.

Imagine you are holding this belief in your subconscious mind; you want to work with divine beings through channeling which consider higher planes, vibration and dimensions.

Do you think this will create a block in the channeling process bytelling you that it is far away and that the “reception” must be weak and unreachable? Are you starting to doubt whatever spiritual techniques you are doing?


You may also believe:

# We are all one, God is within me, God is everywhere.

# God, the Higher self, Ascended Mastesr, Angels, High Selfs, Creator, All That Is and any divine beings are holding a very high level of consciousness and it is farther away from my current level of consciousness, thus I have difficulties in working with them.

In that case, we have many belief systems in our mind (dual-Beliefs), no matter that it is positive or negative, they are all playing together in our subconscious mind.

So, when we are working with any sources like God, Ascended Masters, Angels, the Higher self, High Self, Creator, All That Is, or any divine spirits, you may find yourself having difficulties to get a poise position during the channeling / healing process or even any research works you are doing like SRT; If you are holding any negative beliefs in your mind. This is because part of your belief system may not believe in what you are doing, the belief and thought forms are trying to interfere with the intention you are trying to achieve.

“Each Belief system attracts their own results”

So, you may want to identify all the limiting beliefs in your sub-conscious mind and then only create and maintain the positive one.

How do you release the negative beliefs in your subconscious mind?

By using Releasing Statements and also checking if there’s any program causing the limited belief, which is a research and clearing method through Spiritual Response Therapy.

Releasing Statement

I release all belief, judgment and perception that The higher level of the High Self I am working with, the farther away of the connection from me.

Try to find out as many limiting beliefs in your mind and use the releasing statement to dissolve it.

Also, you may use the SRT pendulum Charts to find out any energy or programs that are causing you to hold the belief system, like… Self Punishment, Lack of deservedness, Low Self Esteem, and Forsaken etc.


Note: the first day of the SRT Basic Class focuses on clearing and removing all of the limited beliefs, energy blocks and programs that are blocking each individual from working with the source, we call it the High Self.

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When we use a pendulum to ask a question, it is important to set a clear intention about whom are we asking the question from? Are we asking a question of the pendulum, our self, Higher Self, Angel or an Ascended Master? If the focus and direction of a question is not clear, our ego and lower desire can simply take over and answer you back through the movement of the pendulum. So, it is important to set a proper focus and intention, so that we know exactly who we are working with.

Asking a question of the pendulum will not give you an answer. This is simply because the pendulum is just a tool, not the source of wisdom.
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Darreck has been practicing SRT and pendulum dowsing since 2004. He is dedicated to the sharing of his knowledge and experience with others in this advanced Soul and multi-dimensional clearing & healing technique, having personally benefited from SRT himself.

Darreck experienced a powerful transformation in his life with the simple application of the SRT tool. SRT is easy to apply, and the effect is profound and immediate.

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