Hip hop dance is one of the most popular dancing styles prevalent in the world today. It was introduced in 1950’s and since thanits popularity has been of no match. Many of the pop stars have contributed enormously to its development Micheal Jackson is considered one of the greatest legends of all times who was favoritefor his pop music and dance. Other names of great contributors are Akon, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Clarkson. All these people have contributed a lot in molding the dance into what it is today.The hip hop dance flourished in New York and the state of California. There are many theatres and schools in California that promote hip hop dancing along with the other popular styles. Hip hop dance keeps your body in perfect shape and you enjoy some finest moves and breaks. It also tones your muscles and thus is very much in vogue among the youngsters who want to keep their body fit. Besides youth many adults are also fond of the hip hop dance.Hip hop dance has many popular styles such as break dance, popping and locking.

People practice them for many international events that are held every year and they have received worldwide recognition.Break Dance is considered as one of the pillars of the hip hop dancing. Four most important components of the dance are toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes.Top rock is sensational in which the dancer extensively uses his feet while standing to mermerize the audience. The down rock it again performed by the feet but the person holds his weight on the hands while his feet move. Freezes are sudden halts during the dance during which the dancer curves his body into a stylish pose. Power moves are more like the gymnastics in which the dancer performs lifts and stunts.Locking is the type of dance that originated in the state of Los Angles which is very well known because of the numerous celebrities that live here. Don Campbell is considered as the pioneers of lock dance.

Moreover the lock dance won the World Hip Hop dance Championship in 2009. Locking may be considered as a longer freeze that we see in break dance. Locking is a very playful mode of dancing in which the dancer can dance fast and then gives longer relaxation to his body. In many dancing styles the dancer combines all the different styles of the moves and does locking. Popping and breaking at the same time.Popping is the form of hip hop dance that is very similar to the locking and a lay man may confuse it with it. In this case the dancer produces quick jerks or hits in his body by quickly contracting and relaxing the body. This may create a very joyful environment for the viewers but is otherwise tiring. It is an illusionary form of dance in which the dancer moves on the rhythm and beat of music.In this way with all its beautiful styles and unique moves the hip hop music is ruling the hearts of its fans.

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