There is no end to myth and believes within people, it doesn't mean only with their activities and lifestyle, it also applicable in jewelry too. It may sound different and new, but if you check into history there are numerous counts of epic jewelry used by ancient people. Which has turned their faces in the modern world? One such thing used in ancient times and reworked in the present times is evil eye jewelry. What is an evil eye? Its name explains a lot about them however, it holds wide famous among people as a trendy fashion style, many would search for its meaning and do research on backward. If you are one among them and eager to know about the myth and secrets behind the evil eye then be ready to explore the real history about the evil eye jewelry which is explained below.

Origin of the Evil eye:

To know the history of the evil eye you should go far back in the world’s history to 3000 BC which is more or less 5000 years ago where the world’s ancient people lived united. In those periods people believed that a person who is jealous or unlike your growth those eyes brings you evil in your life and takes away all goodness, happiness, and all your luck by leaving you bad, sad, and worries. To escape from bad luck and avoid the effect from harmful eyes people use them as evil protection. When the time moves on it known as “evil eyes”, this evil eye was created in the form of jewelry by Mal de Ojo. 

This is how the evil eye jewelry came for people using and now widely preferred by all people to get rid of the evil eyes which focus on business development, wealth growth, and happy life.

Although the evil eye jewelry protects people from ill good eyes they do have a different choice which has different meanings. Whether it may be Evil Eye Necklace, ring, bangles, pendant, and lot more all of them are available in different colors each color evil eye means different meaning and purpose. If you want to buy or already holding evil eye jewelry then it is essential for you to know about the color and its meaning of them. Ready to discover them, continue further where you can find different colored evil eyes and its meaning as well.

  • Orange – This evil eye means to protects you from the other evil human eyes and ensure your happiness stays long with. This colored evil eye jewelry gives motivation for commitment and enhances creativity and playfulness.
  • Dark blue – This is the traditional color of evil eye protection that is good for karma and your fate protection. It also ensures you keep you to stay in a calm and relaxed situation and also open the flow of communication to mingle with others.
  • Light blue – The sky-colored evil eye gives direct protection against the evil eyes and it broadens the perspective. It mainly means for peace.
  • Dark green – This color ensures your life is balanced and filled with happiness and it also provides the freedom to go on with new ideas.
  • Red – The red color is mainly for protection and to increase the braveness which makes a person strong, enthusiastic, energetic, and protect from fear and anxiety.
  • Purple – This colored evil eye boost the imagination, rebalance your life by removing all obstacles that prevail in your life.
  • Yellow or gold – This colored evil eye helps you to improve mental sharpness and concentration to protect your health. It means to relife all your exhaustion.

On further light green evil eye makes your dream success, white color clear all obstacles and helps in restarting your life and pink protect your friendship and keep you calm and relax always. 

Likewise, each color has different purposes which have to be used in the proper way to get proper results. 

What is Evil Eye Necklace Meaning?       

By now you might have clear about the different colors of evil eye availability and its purposes. But when you check out to the usages the dark blue colored evil eyes are more famous among people than any other colored one. To be specific enough most of the people tends to wear dark blue evil eye necklace all the time and also earrings, pendant, and rings. Is it quite mysterious, be ready to face the unrevealed truth? The dark blue evil eye is a traditional one used by the ancients to the most for protecting them from karma. This made majority of people offer this for a new car, newborn baby, or present you as a birthday gift. However, by wearing dark blue evil eye necklace it makes you safe and protects from other evil eyes harness. 

On the other side people really who believe in wearing evil eye protection would have several options like earrings and rings. But the majority of people prefer to choose evil eyes necklace as it stays closer to them always and the designed trendy, decorated with stones which can be used daily. 

Is this evil eye protection is essential?

Still, some may think whether evil eye protection is essential for all or it just a myth followed in ancient times. The answer would be so simple protection and safety makes the work get success. To make that happen the fear inside one should get faded away that results from you with charm, brave, and luck. All these things are resulted by evil eye protection, the only thing is to believe in them and properly get access to them. Somehow if you are about to get an evil eye at certain point trends be the hurdles if you too face the same issue then you can better get custom designs where the evil eye would be completely decorated by stones are designed in a modern way. So get you safe in evil eye necklace protection and get rid of all obstacles and challenges.

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