Mac cosmetics is a brand by itself. It has succeeded in creating a position for itself with the aid of its service in this field for years. Makeup Art Cosmetics Inc that is more popularly called Mac cosmetics is actually a very popular brand of cosmetics that markets to women. This brand is so popular that even some of the popular pop songs consider mentioning it in their songs. -Mac cosmetics- is exclusively found in the departmental stores and cannot be located in the discount outlets or drug stores.
Mac cosmetics was founded by two Canadians, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in the year 1984. They actually wanted to create a cosmetics brand that has the capability to stand photo shoots, where an individual is exposed to exceptionally bright lights. Toskan was actually regarded as an idea man in this firm. Before joining hands with Angelo, he actually spent time experimenting on the formulas that were made by Vistor Casale. He actually formed business relationship with Angelo as he was an exceptionally skilled entrepreneur.
Mac cosmetics was first tried out by people who belonged to the fashion industry. Actually, Mac make up was essentially made keeping in mind, the requirements of people in the fashion industry. Thus, they posed as the first choice in this case. Moreover, the owners had networks in this industry. Thus, it was very easy for them to spread their products with the aid of this connection. The quality as well as the durability of these products soon made this brand popular with the fashion industry, leading to endorsements by reputed names. The publicity helped in making -Mac cosmetics- immensely successful.
Mac cosmetics opened its first store in the year 1991 in Greenwich Village of New York. The first European store of Mac was opened in the year 1996 in Paris. Mac cosmetics is also present in other countries of Europe as well and also in China.
Although Mac cosmetics is now available with the average customers as well, professional makeup artists are more prone to use these products. The professional makeup artists, models as well as costume designers are known to use these products commonly. Heavy users of Mac are offered few perks.
When contemporary cosmetics come under consideration, Mac poses as the most sought after brand in the cosmetics line. Within Mac cosmetics line, there are a series of desired products. Mac also provides its customers with client focused philosophy that plays a significant role in contributing towards growth of clients.
Mac cosmetics come with a series of colour palettes that has the capability to match varying shades and skin colour. Mac stores around one hundred and sixty different lipstick shades and one hundred and fifty different eye shadow shades. Moreover, they are releasing fresh and new products continually in the market that has the capability to suit varying customer requirements. It successfully claims that it has the capability to beautify women regardless of their age groups. Since women always love to be beautiful, Mac cosmetics has gained success in making itself popular among women of different classes and generations.

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Deborah Bailey is a beauty care specialist and a beauty consultant. Mac make up is one of her favourites and she has framed a series of articles on the significance of using -Mac cosmetics-.