Romance flowers have been around for hundreds of years. From French romances to Jewish art, you'll find a variety of florists that produce wonderful flowers.

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Bouquet of Red Roses image courtesy of Flowers Thailand

Bouquet of Red Roses image courtesy of Flowers Thailand

The rose has long been a favorite flower of the aristocrats of Europe. The word, rose, comes from the Latin word rosus, which means 'of the lords.' A rose is simply a small bush of the rose family of

Bouquet of Red Roses image courtesy of Flowers Thailand

flowering plants. Roses come in different shades of red, and rose petals are long, thin, and delicate, looking almost like tiny snowflakes.

Red rose culture goes back through history. In ancient Rome, it was a symbol of love. In Greece, the red rose was used to decorate houses and clothing. In modern times, in both Britain and America, it has taken on an entirely new meaning.

It's not that roses were ever associated with love, but the symbolism of the color red has become one of the most powerful and recognizable symbols in history. In 17th century France, red roses were considered sacred. They were worn as amulets, to ward off evil spirits.

From here, the rose became associated with royalty. Queen Elizabeth I, one of the richest women in the world, wore a diamond-shaped ruby on her left index finger, and surrounded herself with red roses. Today, the symbolic red rose has been universally accepted as a sign of romance.

The red roses were believed to bring good luck to the wearer. Often it would be the ladies who were given the most roses. Since so many women wore the red rose, the common rose petals resembled the rings of an engagement ring.

Another reason why the red roses have such an interesting symbolism is that the rose was historically known to grow where there were water holes, especially in a meadow or near a stream. As the weather became warmer, rivers would dry up and the roses would wither. With a perfect spring rain, the roses would soon recover and bloom again.

The symbolism of the rose's love for water was so powerful that in the middle ages, the rose was used to mark the ceremony of weddings. Nowadays, it is also used to celebrate the red weddings of popular television shows like 'The Bachelor'American Idol.' We've also seen it with red roses being used as decorations at the wedding of pop star Katy Perry.

The symbolism of the red rose's symbolism is still very much alive today, especially in today's modern-day roses. The bouquet is now embellished with small crystals that look like diamonds. These gems are often worn on the hand and the front of the dress. During the summer, romantic courtship rituals involve a lot of time spent in the garden with roses being planted all over the place.

Red roses have the capacity to evoke feelings of love and jealousy. If you're sending flowers to someone that you love, send them the best in red roses. If you're in love, then it might be a bit more difficult to choose the right rose, since there are so many different shades and patterns. What you should remember is that the best way to get your message across is through a really great scent, and not the color.

The red roses are a good way to reach out to someone that you care about. With all the different shades available, there is sure to be a perfect match to suit your taste. Don't forget to use common sense and don't send flowers, you think they will get jealous of. Remember that red roses signify love and romance, and don't let a few odds and ends stand in the way of reaching out.

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