The Hotel Dory, the first hotel for cyclists in Riccione and one of the most important in Italy, offers its guests a new programme designed for “pleasure-seeking” cyclists: Bikeness.

It is a tourist group, dedicated to those who want to enjoy their free time, stopping when they want to and without having to think about the kilometres on the clock and the average speed.
Come and cycle in a group with other people who like you, love nature, the landscape and typical local products. Because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing better after a long cycle ride than savouring some of Romagna’s typical local dishes: succulent grilled meat or cheese and cold cuts accompanied by traditional piadina and of course, “desserts like grandma used to make”, so-called because they are all homemade and prepared following the best local traditions by the local housewives or “zdore”.

The guides who accompany you on the itineraries not only know the roads, but also the history and culture of our territory and all the secrets of the inland area. Ride along dirt roads that wind their way through the countryside, fields of sunflowers, small mediaeval boroughs and characteristic little villages.
On your bike, in small guided groups, you’ll discover the joy of having fun in great company. Bikeness is a new bike philosophy for those who like to cycle in tranquillity, admiring the views, the nature and the breathtaking landscapes.

There are five weekly itineraries, spaced out over a two-week period so as not to cover the same road. They are easy and accessible even for novice cyclists and cover distances that range from forty to sixty kilometres, either on the plains or in the hills.
One of these is an itinerary that arrives as far as Vecciano, where the Giuliodori family have a home. Here, cyclists can enjoy a well-deserved rest, savouring some of the products of the vegetable garden and perhaps drinking a good glass of wine. Finally, you can visit the vinegar cellar and try the balsamic vinegar that has been produced there for years, following ancient traditions.

Thanks precisely to the total freedom they offer, these itineraries are ideal for all the family. If you’d like to join the “Bikeness” programme just book a holiday at the Hotel Dory by calling +39 541 64.28.96 or sending an email to:

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Hotel Dory is the first hotel for cyclists in Riccione.