I am one to be straight forward and honest when it comes to being on a weight loss journey. It’s not going to be all strawberries and cream. There will be times on your journey when things may be a little harder. Guess what? You work harder.

One thing that can cause humps and bumps is being a scale watcher. Scale watching can turn into an obsession that will cause a bump in your weight loss journey. I tell my clients not to be a scale watcher. Scale watching will cause either frustration or perseverance. Frustration happens when you get on the scale constantly and the numbers fluctuate. Perseverance happens because you get on the scale and you know you are doing the work and the numbers are moving in the right direction. Everyone’s system is different and will break down fat and create lean muscle mass differently. Please keep that in mind.

Limit scale stepping to every other week, first thing in the morning. I know some of you may not agree, but this will help you. Set your goals for losing a certain amount of weight every other week. This will help you not become obsessed with scale stepping.
Another hump and bump is the way you are eating. Some people eat too much food. You have to cut back. Make it a goal to know a true serving size. This will help when preparing meals and when you do not eat at home.

I know I will get some serious negativity from this, but I will say it anyway. It’s not always what you are eating. It’s how much you are eating. I’ve come to realize some people will never stop eating fast food or eating out. It doesn’t mean you select the biggest items off the menu. A lot of restaurants have healthy options including fast food. If you are one that eats out frequently, remember your weight loss journey and make wise choices.

Another hump in your weight loss journey is your attitude. This is important! You must have a positive and enthusiastic attitude about losing weight. Success will not come if you don’t stay upbeat and enthusiastic about losing weight. Your mind plays a pivotal role in the success of your journey. If you have thoughts of how hard it will be then the journey will be much more difficult than it needs to be.

If you have defeated thoughts before you start and throughout the journey, you won’t have success. As with putting in time and effort with exercising and eating healthy, you will have to do it with your attitude as well. You will have to work on the mind daily.

There are more humps and bumps when it comes to a weight loss journey, but I only wanted to cover a few. I didn’t want it to be overwhelming. Don’t be surprised if there is a “humps and bumps” part two in the near future.

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Marisa Torrington is an authority on effective weight loss. She has impacted the lives of many of her clients with her no nonsense way of losing weight. She introduces her clients to an alternative way to lose weight. She has experienced the struggles of weight loss and learned to overcome them. She is very knowledgeable in the field of wellness and fitness. Her goal is to help as many people as she can to lose weight and gain great health. Get a free 52-page report