Vitamins and minerals are the catalysts that help our mind and body to become more efficient. The most natural way to take up these into the body is by consuming all the natural foods. These are very important for regulating the metabolic functions of the body. As these are the natural substances, these cannot be manufactured by the body itself. Even small amount of these is required for the growth and development of the body. Human body can’t survive without them. If you don’t get these in enough amounts, you can see the effects on your well-being and health in a number of ways. In such cases, you have to depend on mineral supplement, and also oxygen and magnesium supplements in some situations.

Sometimes, you might have noticed some unfamiliar changes in your body. For example, dizziness feeling when you stand up after sitting for quite some time, the feeling of consuming one particular food or you may have observed that your body has some complications and always feeling weakness. These symptoms may be an indication of lacking sufficient Multivitamins in bodies. If you continually feel such symptoms, it may be risky for you. In other way, you may be giving the way to ailments that might hang around you. To prevent this, you should give a boost of vitamins and minerals to your body. These must be required if you want your body has good immune system to fight any kind of disease.

You might wonder why you have to take vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements even after taking a well balanced diet. If food is not prepared correctly, all vitamins present in it get damaged leaving very small amount for the body to take in. For example, vitamins obtained from greens can be damaged if they are cooked for very long time. All people do not like to eat pork or beef; these deny them from getting zinc, calcium, iron and vitamin B12.

To maintain the fitness of body and keep it running strong, it is very important that you provide the body with right kind of magnesium and oxygen supplements. Minerals play an important role in the body; denying the essential minerals can lead to weak bones, rise in blood pressure and a number of cancer related diseases. So if you are not taking them from diet, you have to depend on mineral supplement. Teenagers who have inadequate vitamins and minerals may develop the habit of chewing things that contain a certain taste or smell.

Mineral supplements that human body requires include magnesium and calcium supplements. Calcium is very essential for strong teeth and bones. Magnesium also plays an important role in the body. Iodine, chromium, zinc and manganese are the other minerals that are hardly available in most meals and so these should be only supplemented by taking minerals and multi-vitamins. Iron reduces the chances of muscle fatigue and provides energy to the body. Besides all these, you should also take health supplement, dietary supplements, oxygen supplement, colloidal minerals and colloidal silver.

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