West Ridge Academy can help families deal with the adverse effects of poverty on their relationship.
Poverty makes it hard for families to focus on maintaining a close relationship as most family members would be pre-occupied with how to beat the odds and just basically finding out ways to survive on a daily basis.
For families with teenagers in their household, this scenario can even be more complicated. Teenagers are often not capable of understanding poverty and how it affects the operation of their family.

Teenagers and Dealing with Poverty in the Family

Upon entering their adolescent stage, teenagers embark on one of the most exciting stages of their lives, but it could also be one of the most distressing and confusing time for them as well. Most of the time, they have this longing to be accepted by their family as well as from other social circles.

Teenagers often do silly things just to be accepted into a group, with added pressure from their peers. A teenager coming from a poor family will have a hard time blending in with some of his peers who are well off financially.

For example, the typical teenager and that ubiquitous gadget which no teenager these days wouldn't want to be caught dead without: the cellphone. Most teenagers just have to have a cellphone nowadays, since it's become a part of their daily lives. Try to observe any group of teenagers around and you will surely find that most if not all of them cannot seem to get their attention off their cellphones: either for playing games, texting, surfing the net, calling friends, watching videos, listening to music, checking their social network updates, among others. For a teenager in poverty it’s often not possible for parents to buy a teenager these types of electronics because they simply don’t have the income for it.

A teenager might feel left out in this situation and may lash out at their parents for not providing them with a cellphone which they may perceive as a need in these times. The teenager just wants to blend in and feel accepted, and not be any different from all the other normal kids around them. They do not understand, and sometimes refuse to understand, the concept of cost or expense when it comes to buying things such as the cellphone. In a family with sufficient income purchasing a cellphone is not something to be fussed about, but for a family who is barely scraping by it could make the difference between eating three square meals a day and skipping one of the meals. As a result, issues like this could become a sticking point in a relationship between the teen and their parents.

Substance Abuse

In a poor household the teenager may feel like their parents just don’t care about them. As a matter of fact, the parents may only be too busy trying to make a living in order to provide even the most basic things for their family. Because of this, parents may be absent most of the time, leaving the teenager and his confused thoughts alone most of the time. This is a rife situation for teenagers to resort to vices such as drugs, alcohol, or such other forms of self-abuse. Although it could be a host of reasons which drive them to resort to these vices, basically it's just the teens' inclination to get back at their parents for what they perceive as a lack of care for them, or just to try and escape their poverty. Teenagers with these types of addictions can find help through the programs offered in West Ridge Academy, and the family can start the healing process as soon as possible.

Finding Help

Fortunately, for families who have troubled teens due to the adverse effects of poverty which is affecting their previously harmonious family relationship, there are support groups that they can approach. Oftentimes, the family is not equipped to deal with such matters on their own, hence some much-needed outside help may be necessary in order for things to return to their previous harmonious levels. It's not anyone's fault that things are not working out so well for the family; poverty is such a tough customer that it takes its toll on every member of the family who sometimes end up hurting one another without actually meaning it. By getting support and talking about your issues you’ll be better able to not only cope with poverty but see it through and become better in the process. Teenagers most especially need that support in dealing with the tough issues that they are experiencing, so that the family can return back to its harmonious state as soon as possible.

West Ridge Academy can help families deal with sensitive issues such as substance abuse or poverty-related issues which can certainly affect the family dynamics.

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